Monday, 1 December 2014

Kawaii Advent Calendar - 2014 ^^

Welcome to Life in the Kawaii Lane's Kawaii Advent Calendar! Every day of advent I will be posting a pic on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of a super Kawaii Christmassy item! These Items are hiding inside a Pokeball ^^ and will be revealed each morning before I head to work! This will help keep us all Christmassy and Kawaii all the way up to Christmas!

So, here's the first Pokeball of 2014! 


What's in the Pokeball?!

**pokeball opening sound**

It's Hello Kitty! All dressed up in her Christmas outfit off to Christmas shop! ^^ how Kawaii is she! 

Make sure you check out my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for the rest of 2014's Kawaii Advent Calendar! 

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