Sunday, 14 December 2014

Good Smile Company - Vocaloid Graphig figures

Since redecorating our living room the Mr and I have been looking for some new super Kawaii figures to display and a few weeks ago we came across these!

These are made by the Good Smile Company, which is a Japanese manufacturer of figma, nendoroids and scale figures. They make figures based on popular anime, manga and games - as well as Vocaloids!

One Vocaloid product range they make are the Graphig figures. These super Kawaii figures are designed to look like papercraft and are only available through 'lottery' promotions in Japan at certain stores. If you are lucky, you can win a Graphig of your favourite Vocaloid! The first lottery was held in Winter 2012 and lots of collections have been released since then.

The Graphigs come in a blind box, here's a couple we have:

As you can see, the packaging features the most famous Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku!

Each Graphig can be changed to have one of two faces, so you can change up the look of your collection from time to time ^^

Let's check out the Miku Graphigs we have in our collection. The first one features lots of bright colours, I think her hair looks awesome!

On her second face her eyes display pink hearts! Cute! <3

Here's Miku wearing a super kawaii pink sailor fuku ^^

Her second face shows her a little angry, but she's still so kawaii! 

This Graphig features Miku in her famous Vocaloid outfit!

Her second face shows her sad, oh no cheer up Miku!

Here's Miku wearing a kawaii Suit and top hat!

Her second face shows her sleepy! Z_z 

This one even came with a papercraft piano you can assemble as an accessory:

Of course, Miku needs some friends, so here are our Megurine Luka Graphigs.  I think the faces on this first one are super kawaii! ^^

Here's Luka in a nurse outfit.  This Graphig came with an accessory too, a kawaii handbag with hearts <3 

Kagamine Rin and Len are so kawaii, here's our Kagamine Graphigs. First up is Kagamine Len:

Here's Len again, in a different outfit:

Here he is looking mischievous! 

And here's Kagamine Rin in a matching outfit:

The bottom of each Graphig tells you about the design and the illustrator.

Here's a KAITO Graphig:

And here's a MEIKO Graphig:

I just love all of these figures! They're so cute and colourful and will look so adorable in our living room! If you like the look of these figures then keep an eye out on eBay as you can find them popping up there! So which ones your favourite? I think the Hatsune Miku ones are my favourites! Mr's favourites are the Luka figures! ^^ ah we need more! >< 

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^ 

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