Saturday, 20 December 2014

Chogokin x Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Robot

In November we went to MCM Birmingham and one of my favourite items I picked up was the Chogokin x Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Robot!

Chogokin is Japanese for 'super alloy' and is the name used for the famous Bandai company's range of high quality die cast figures.  To help celebrate Hello Kitty's 40th Anniversary, this super Kawaii Chogokin Robot was released:

As you can see, the box shows the Arigato Everyone! label used on the special 40th anniversary products.

The back of the box tells you more about some of the features of this Kawaii robot! ^^

The first thing you notice when you take the item out of the box is the weight - at over 1lb it's heavier than you might think! On the display base it stands over 5 inches tall so makes a great addition to any Hello Kitty collection.

The robot has various modes and features, but here it is with the Kawaii Kitty pilot that comes in the box as well:

As you can see, both robot and Kitty are wearing the classic blue dungarees, yellow shirt and red bow. 

You can also display the robot sitting down:

But Chogokin Kitty can do lots more too! She comes with a special bow accessory that can be used to make her swim:

With flippers like that she can speed through the sea! ^^

The bow also becomes a special winged backpack to allow Kitty to fly!

Here you can see the bow accessory as Kitty soars through the clouds!

The robot also has a special cockpit compartment:

The little Kitty pilot can even sit inside!

Isn't that just so Kawaii! ^^

The cockpit features a little white Hello Kitty shaped button...

I wonder what it does.... *click* it changes the Robot's expression! 

And if I press it again... *click* uh-oh! Kitty Robot got angry!!

It's OK though, if you press it a third time, it goes back to normal! ^^

To help fight bad guys, Robot Kitty can also shoot the hands as missiles! Pew pew! I was too scared I'd lose the hands though ><

The Robot is really well made, and is something a bit different for the Kitty fan that has everything. It's one of the more unusual collaborations released for the 40th anniversary and looks super Kawaii on display in our living room! ^^

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