Sunday, 28 December 2014

6%DokiDoki Christmas Haul ^^

Back in April I blogged about the most Kawaii shop of them all! 6%DokiDoki! This has to be my most favourite shop on the planet, I always keep an eye out for new items and always have a wish list on the go! Mr certainly made mine a Kawaii Christmas when he presented me with a haul of items from 6%DokiDoki! Here is what I got! 

I was presented with a rectangle shaped present and when I opened it up I found this super Kawaii vanity pouch ^^ this is part of the Colourful Rebellion 20th Anniversary range that they released this year to celebrate the 20 years 6%DokiDoki have been in existence ^^ it's a beautifully made pouch that is soft satin on the outside decorated with the famous Colourful Rebellion pattern! 

The inside is pink and has compartments for everything you would need on the go! 

Now I was over the moon to get this as it was on my wishlist, but it wasn't all I got! Mr told me to open the pouch, and when I did I found all these goodies!

I'll show you one by one what each item is! First I'll show you these super Kawaii rings:

These two are jewelled heart rings in Aqua and Cherry Pink! Two of my favourite colours! They are quite large rings so are awesome statement pieces to Kawaii up any outfit! 

They have a silver coloured metal band and are adjustable so will fit most people. 

The next item is this super Kawaii earring! 

This is a DOcKIng/DokiDoki earring! This is an awesomely designed piece with four available holes you can choose how it looks in your ear. The words DokiDoki appear to be springing forward from your ear! Super Kawaii! ^^ 

The next item I'll show you is the hair bow! In case you haven't guessed already from reading my blog - I LOVE HAIR BOWS! I mean who doesn't?! So I was super happy that Mr got me the Colourful Rebellion Anniversary hair bow! 

Isn't it beautiful! It's the same soft satin material as the vanity pouch and is also decorated with the anniversary pattern! ^^ I love it so much!!! This is a must for any Decora fan! Well pretty much everything they sell is a must for Decora fans! The bow also comes with a brooch clasp on the back so you can wear it to accessorise in several different ways! 

The last surprise present I got was this limited edition 6%DokiDoki Kubrick Bearbrick! 

This was part of the 25th series released in 2012 and was a designer collaboration. It features a yellow bear sprinkled with spots of Sebastian Masuda's famous Kawaii designs! 

If you are into Decora make sure you check out what 6%DokiDoki has to offer! Sebastian Masuda is the Kawaii King! You can check out more items on their web store or in my post from
 April this year! 

I'll be showing you what else Mr got me over the next week or two so keep your eye out for more Super Kawaii items! 

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^ 

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