Sunday, 23 November 2014

MCM Comic Con Birmingham

This weekend we attended the MCM Comic Con that was held at the NEC in Birmingham and it did not disappoint!

We attended the Manchester Con in July and had an awesome time, so we couldn't wait to see what the Birmingham Con had to offer. The Con included the Memorabilia Show that used to be an event in itself so combining that with the Comic Con there was lots on offer! We had priority tickets for the Saturday which meant we got in at 9am, two hours before the general ticket attendees were allowed in. I recommend anyone attending a Con in the future to buy priority as it means you get to have a good look around, purchase items before they sell out and most importantly not have to queue for so long! We arrived nice and early so were amongst the first people to get inside the event. There were lots of stalls! More than we expected and more than what was available at the Manchester Con. One thing I noticed about what was on offer was there wasn't many small independent DIY sellers. I did find a few dotted about and checked them all out. The first stall that caught my eye was Getcha Geek On, they sold laser cut accessories and being a huge Pokemon fan, look what drew my eye!

This was such a bargain! It's a Pokemon logo necklace and it's super high quality! I still can't believe that this only cost me £5! They had lots of other super Kawaii items on offer so make sure you checkout their website

The independent stall I visited was the awesome Cakes with Faces

I have been meaning to swing by their stall for a while and managed to find them at the Birmingham event! Here I purchased a super kawaii watch! 

This is their super kawaii Marshmallow watch! It has a white strap and displays pink and white marshmallows with kawaii faces on the face of the watch ^^ I super chuffed with this purchase! It's very high quality and will help add some kawaii to my work outfits ^^ They have loads of super kawaii items on offer, including clothing and homeware so make sure you check out their online store! They're also extremely friendly people ^^ 

The next store I just had to visit was Tokyo Toys!

I shopped here when I visited the Manchester Comic Con and got some awesome items so a return visit was a must! Here I bought these super Kawaii plushes! 

This is my new Hatsune Miku plush! She's quite a big plush at 12 inches high and is super Kawaii! I also picked up this beaut:

It's a Sailor Moon plush! I saw this and just had to grab it before it sold out! It's super high quality and stands at 8 inches tall! Think I will need to do some rejigging of plushes to display this one! 

The next stall I visited didn't display a name or have any business cards with them so unfortunately I cannot give them a shoutout for these, but this is what I picked up off their stall!

These are super Kawaii Kaomoji Vocaloid keyring plushes! As you may have already picked out the first and last ones are of Hatsune Miku! ^^ the yellow one is Kagamine Len, and the pink one Megurine Luka! How super Kawaii are these?! I also picked up this awesome item! 

It's a Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary plush of Luna P, this is larger than the key rings above it but it's a good sized item to display on a bag! ^^ 

There was quite a large stall by Forbidden Planet at the event and I managed to grab a Tokidoki item! 

This is a create your own Unicorno! It's a quite large item and it came with three Sharpie pens that you can use to decorate it! I haven't done anything with it yet, I want to grab a few more coloured pens and then I'll have a go! I'll post a pic of the final look on my Facebook and Twitter accounts! 

The next item I spotted was of the Kawaii Queen herself, Hello Kitty! It wouldn't be a successful shopping trip if it didn't include something Kitty related! ^^ 

This is a 40th Anniversary Hello Kitty item! It's a Chogokin x Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Robot! Now this I will be unboxing in a post later this week as it deserves a post of its own! Mare sure you pop back later in the week to see what's inside the box ^^ 

Mr had been looking forward to the Con for ages so he could get his hands on a melon pan! So we had to swing by the Japan Centre stall to grab a few ^^ as you may have read in an earlier post, we are big fans of J-candy so here is our mini haul from the Japan Centre Stand:

We picked up the melon pan as planned, and also some Koala No March, Pocky and Choco Pies (Pai no mi)!! Nom Nom 

As we had already bought some candy we didn't plan on nipping to Tofu Cute, but this super Kawaii plush summoned me to the stall!!!

It's Mount Fuji!!! As soon as I spotted it i knew we couldn't go home without it! And it's huge! A whole 12 inches tall and 15 inches wide! To show you the scale here it is with a vocaloid keyring! It's called a Kaomoji Fuji-tan! 

I think this is going to have to live in our living room! ^^ and I think it needs a name! 

The last items I have to show you are Mr's purchase! As I said, we're big Pokemon fans so whe Mr saw these he grabbed them! 

This is an Elite Trainer box which contains booster packs, energy cards, acrylic condition markers, dice, a players guide, card sleeves and a collector box with dividers! This is for the Furious Fists expansion and features Mega Lucario! Mr also picked up the Mega Gengar version for the Phantom Forces expansion. 

So that was our haul! After shopping we had a break and I got to work spotting and snapping pics of all the awesome cosplayers I could find! 

Here are two guys cosplaying as toy soldiers! Being a big fan of Toy Story I loved this! 

Here is a super Kawaii cosplay on Belle from Beauty and the Beast! 

Here is a very nice cosplay of Super Sonico: 

During our break I spotted Cinderella! 

Came across these three lovely ladies cosplaying as Adventure Time and Sailor Moon:

You may or may not know this one but the Mr spotted him, it's Barf from Spaceballs! 

Had to get this one! It's Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy with a mini Groot! 

Here's a couple of Vocaloids! ^^ Can you spot which ones? 

It's V!!!! 



Kaname Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica! And her friend is a Homestuck Cosplay! 

Chi from Chobits

Jesse from Pokemon! 

I spotted a Lolita! 

Harley Quinn and the Joker! 

Old Skool Rogue! Loved this one! 

It's an Ewok!!!

Not 100% sure who they were cosplaying but I loved their outfits! 

For the super geeks, here's a parade of Storm Troopers and Rebel Pilots as they walked through the crowds! 

And Chewbacca complete with real noises! 

If you spot yourself in the pics I have taken and you want me to link through to your social networking profile or website then either leave me a message below or message me on Facebook! ^^ on a whole, we loved the event and recommend it to anyone with similar interest to what you have seen in this post! It's a family friendly event and lots of kids attended, some even joining in with some cosplaying! There was loads to do, with celebrity signings and talks, photo ops with film props such as the delorean from Back to the Future, cosplay parades, gaming areas, and even a Steam Punk Emporium! See you at the next one! ^^

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