Saturday, 15 November 2014

Love Live! School Idol Festival

Love Live! is a multi-media franchise project between a magazine, music label and an anime studio. It includes music CDs, anime music videos, manga, anime, card games and video games.  It is based around school girls becoming idol singers to help save their school!

You can download and play the rhythm game Love Live! School Idol Festival on your iOS or Android device. It's completely free to play, but you can buy Love Gems (the in game premium currency) through in-app purchases if you want - but there are plenty of ways to get Love Gems without paying, so don't worry!

This is the front screen that appears once the game has loaded - it features some of the most famous and popular characters from the franchise.

This is the main menu in the game - the character on the left is the leader for your currently selected idol team (in my case it's Nico Yazawa!). There are options to see the story (that unlocks as you progress), see your idol group members, take part in a performance or scout new group members.

Here's the Scout screen:

You can scout 'regular' students; one per day for free, but more with Friend Points that you get for playing and for logging in. These regular students are usually basic ones, but you can sometimes get rare characters. ^^ You can also use Love Gems to scout an 'Honor Student' - these are always at least rare, but can be ultra rare too!

Here's what happens when you choose to scout an Honor Student:

And here's what I got!

It's Honoka Kosaka, the main character of Love Live! ^^

You can check up on all your members too:

You can choose team members for different groups to maximise your performance power! Each student is rated as either Smile, Cool or Pure, which you can match to the different songs to find what works best.

If you have two of the same student, you can make them an Idol through a 'special practice'... This even changes how the student looks! Here's a couple of examples:

Aren't the outfits super kawaii? ^^

Of course, the main point of the game are the performances - you have several 'hits' to choose from to start with:

There are also B-sides that change from time to time:

Each song has different difficulty levels, starting in a classroom but working up to a big stage show! I chose Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE:

This is what the game screen looks like:

The aim is to hit the beats at the right time as the song plays - yes, that's right, you get to listen to some super kawaii J-pop while you play!! Here's how it looks on easy mode:

When the circle is over a student/idol, you tap! That's it! (well there's times you have to hold and then let go at the right time too!).  Some students/idols have special powers that can activate while you play:

When you finish a song, you get evaluated on your performance:

B! Not too bad, gotta try harder though! You get awards for score, combos etc - new students, friend points, gold etc.

Your students/idols have their bond with you increase when you use them in a team:

If you maximise your bond with an idol, you even unlock a Side Story for that idol!

Overall this is a super kawaii game, especially for free! The characters' voices are so kawaii and the music is awesome too!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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