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Kawaii Collections - Disney Pin Trading

If you've ever been to any of the Disney theme parks around the world, you will certainly have seen the large numbers of pin badges for sale.  Well, if you don't know about them, it is part of the Disney Pin Trading hobby!

Disney Pin Trading refers to buying, collecting and trading Disney-themed pins.  With over 60,000 pins released so far, there are lots out there for you to find featuring your favourite characters!  The pins are always related to either a character (or several!), a park, a ride or have some other connection to the Disney universe.  Here's a couple of examples from Disneyland in California.  First there is a pin featuring Mickey and Minnie and the logo for the Disneyland Resort.

Here's another pin, this time styled after the famous Mad Tea Party ride:

This pin features Alice, Mickey and Chip and Dale enjoying a ride on the the spinning tea cups!  The cups and the pink and purple circle all spin!

You can buy pins for all your favourite characters; you can get Disney Princess ones, Pixar ones as well as Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Daisy! Here's a couple of my super kawaii Minnie Mouse pins. ^^  First up is her cosplaying as Mary Poppins:

Here's one from the Disney Cuties range.  These are super kawaii and have been inspired by Japanese design:

Some Disney Stores also sell pins, here's a spinning pin featuring a ballerina Minnie from Disney Store Japan:

In the parks you can also swap pins with some of the park employees! This is particularly popular in the two American parks (Disneyland and Walt Disney World).  Although you can buy lots of awesome kawaii pins from Disneyland Tokyo, you aren't allowed to trade in that park!

The employees that you can trade with will wear lanyards with pins that you can trade for.  Sometimes there are pins that you can only get through trading with an employee.  These feature what is known as a 'Hidden Mickey' on them, which is a little silhouette of Mickey's head.  Here's an example - Minnie skydiving, look for the Hidden Mickey on her foot:

The parks also sell lanyards that you can buy, these often come with a set of pins that you can keep and add to your collection, or trade for different pins.  This is my Disney Villains lanyard and pin set:

Here's a close up of the pins.  They include Maleficent, Cruella and the Red Queen!

Mr got a Pirates of the Caribbean lanyard, but his features pins with his favourite characters; Donald Duck and Flower the skunk:

While pins are all time limited - designs don't stay available forever! - some are extra rare and are released as limited editions.  Only a very limited number of these pins are ever made, so if you see one you love, don't hesitate or you might miss out!  Here's one that was limited to 750 pins.  It is also a 'surprise pin' which means that it is released into shops in the park without anyone knowing!

The back of the pin features the Disney Pin Trading logo (on the left) and below the copyright marking, it tells you that it was a Surprise Pin and reminds you how many are in the limited edition.  The cap for the pin is a black Mickey Head; even that is cute! ^^

My all time favourite pin in my collection is this special giant pin, part of the Featured Artist range.  

It is called "A Minnie Fan!" and features Minnie wearing a gorgeous kimono.  The fan itself is made of fabric, and as it is hinged, it can be opened and closed!

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to the world of Disney Pin Trading! What kawaii pins will you find? ^^

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