Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christmas has arrived! ^^

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, which means.....Christmas tree time! The Mr and I love Christmas! The decorations, the music, the food and of course, sneakily buying each other lots of super awesome presents! Putting up our decorations is a week long process, starting with putting up our main tree first followed by adding sprinkles of Christmas throughout the rest of the house! We've just finished putting up our main tree so I thought I'd show you how we do it in our home. We have a large bay window at the front of our house which is where we put our tree.

So here is our main tree; its a black tree that we decorate with both pink and blue lights. *twinkle twinkle* ^^ our colour scheme is pink, blue and purple as you can see from the Merry Christmas bunting we hang above the tree. This is a super Kawaii decoration that I bought from Becci Bunny Makes, she makes lots of kawaii items and was only too happy to create these to my specifications! So here is a close up of some of my decorations: 

We have a mix of cute candy, baubles and these super kawaii cupcakes which were also made by Becci Bunny Makes! She made me them to match the bunting and came in pink, purple and blue! 

This is a pic of one of the huge baubles we have on out tree, it's a clear bauble with pink glittery stars on it which really sparkles when it catches the light! 

Here is my favourite bauble, we have 8 of them on the tree, they are clear baubles with super kawaii faces on! Aren't they adorable! As usual our presents will all go under the tree when they're all wrapped, along with our Christmas stockings which, as you may have guessed, were also made by Becci Bunny Makes! Like I said, she makes super kawaii items and customised these to go with our colour theme! 

So that's our main tree! I'll post a pic on my Facebook and Twitter when it gets dark to show you it all lit up! I'll be posting about our other kawaii decorations during the week including other Christmas trees ^^ you'll want to come back and see these! If you liked the items I bought from Becci Bunny Makes then check out her website, she also sells her items at the Shop in the Square in Wolverhampton as well as offering sewing lessons if you fancy learning how to make your own! 

Make sure you pop back in the week for more kawaii Christmas! Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^ 

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