Monday, 10 November 2014

Animal Crossing 3DS Themes

A few weeks ago I posted a short blog on the new 3DS themes that Nintendo had released based on Princess Peach, today I'm going to show you 7 new themes that have been released based on the super kawaii game Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossing is a game based on you owning, building and maintaining a town, with characters moving to and moving out of your town on a regular basis. The town has several permanent residents such as Tom Nook who runs the town shop and The Able Sisters that runs the clothes and accessory shops. The new themes include some of the permanent residents, the first one is on the town Bulletin Board, with the board displayed on the top screen and a flower display on the bottom screen, Isabelle, who looks after your town when you are not around, is also included on this theme. 

The next theme displays the inside of Tom Nook's shop, with Timmy and Tommy Nook included on the bottom screen. 

The next theme is called Colourful Pattern and features the well known Animal Crossing leaf pattern. I have the Animal Crossing 3DS and it's covered in this pattern!

The next theme is called the Isabelle in the Town Hall, the top screen displays a fluffy clouded sky and the bottom screen displays Isabelle sitting at the Mayors desk in the Town Hall.

The next theme is based on the Able Sisters shop with Mabel Able displayed on the bottom screen! 

The next theme is based in the Able Sisters shop with Sable Able displayed on the bottom screen sewing at her sewing machine. 

The last theme available is called Jack,the Czar of Halloween and as you can see in the pic below, it's Halloween themed! You may have noticed that this theme is slightly cheaper than the other 6, probably because Halloween has passed, but the other 6 are only £1.79 each, which is a bargain to make your 3DS super kawaii!!!!! 

So Kawaiisters, do any of these appeal to you or have you already purchased one? Let me know in the comments below!

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