Thursday, 16 October 2014

Seller Review - Roxie Sweetheart

Mr surprised me with a super Kawaii present this week. Since I received my Kyary Pamyu Pamyu DVD for my birthday I have been bouncing around to KPP which got Mr looking at KPP accessories! After being together for 11 years, he has gotten VERY good at finding super Kawaii items that I will just love, and this is no exception!!!! He bought me a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu two fingered ring from Roxie Sweetheart!

Roxie is the owner and designer of Roxie Sweetheart; she makes accessories and clothing using Japanese art and design as inspiration. Her range has appeared in several well known magazines such as Marie Claire and Neo and has even been featured on the Official KPP Tour Website!

When the item arrived Mr gave it to me to open. Having bought off many online sellers I can say it's the little touches that make you remember and return to a seller. The item came in a cute little box and was very well packaged inside:

The item was wrapped in a pink bubble wrap that went with the design of the store. There was a flier in the box that tells you that they are on Facebook, Twitter and that they have a blog. There was also a badge with the shop design on it which was a nice touch.

The ring is quite a statement piece, perfect for any decora look!

The ring has Pamyu Pamyu on it with the top Pamyu in a dark pink surrounded in a light pink and the bottom Pamyu in a dark blue surrounded in a light blue. The words are set on a pink glittery background that adds a nice sparkle to the whole piece. The words are also decorated with some cute colourful hearts. As I said above, the ring is a two fingered ring:

As you can see, the glitter is really sparkly!! The rings are a coated metal which is a nice detail and matches the design on the front of the ring.

I am very impressed with the look, design and quality of the ring! Mr says that the item came very quickly and was very well packaged. The ring is currently on sale so is only £10 and is available with a background of black mirror or purple mirror. There are lots of other super Kawaii items available on her store so make sure you go and check it out! 

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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Roxie Sweetheart said...

Thanks so much for the review :D Glad you liked it!! Stay Kawaii ♥♥♥

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