Thursday, 23 October 2014

Loungefly Sugar Skull Accessories ^^

Loungefly do a large range of accessories for all tastes, but one of my favourites that I own is a Sugar Skull collection. Sugar Skull comes from the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead or the Roman Catholic All Souls Day and can be seen in many highstreet stores across the globe. I first saw Sugar Skull on Honeymoon 8 years ago in San Diego and I have bought many accessories featuring the now famous designs.

The collection I have from Loungefly consists of hair slides and earrings and have a more grown up kawaii feel to them than some of Loungefly's other collections. 

The hair slides have a beautiful intricately designed black skull on with the designs being in pink, white and silver. Next to the skull is a pastel pink heart which matches the pink on the black skull. It is a very traditional looking design and can be worn in a more formal setting such as work.

The earrings also feature intricately sugar skulls:

The top set of earrings are white skulls with a traditional pattern in black and hot pink. These again can be worn in a more formal setting or part of a lolita outfit. The earring set also has a pair of black flowers and a set of purple wheels. These are more plainer but if you have several sets of earrings, they would compliment a set of more detailed earrings. The next set is of a pair of hot pink hearts, I have worn these with the first set of skull earrings and the pink of the hearts really brought out the pink on the skulls.  The last set of earrings are white sugar skulls with an intricate black and turquoise design. These also go with the pink hearts as part of an overall outfit.

To check out Loungefly's large range of sugar skull accessories check out their website!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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beautyinjapan said...

I love Loungefly, I always used to lust after their Hello Kitty collaborations when I was younger :D

Danniella x

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