Sunday, 5 October 2014

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu no Magical Wonder Castle - Live Concert DVD

So yesterday was my birthday!! I got lots of super kawaii items with my main present being the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu no Magical Wonder Castle DVD! 

I originally spotted the show as it was being shown on a large stage screen at Hyper Japan in July and just had to ask my Mr for it for my birthday! So when I got up yesterday morning I was presented with a first press limited edition version of the DVD. It comes as a cardboard digipack which contained a picture booklet inside:

I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! I have watched the DVD several times since yesterday morning and love it more and more each time I watch it!

The show is a recording of a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert that was held in Janary this year in Yokohama. The show has an overall story plot which is told alongside her singing! KPP sings 23 songs during the performance and she is accompanied by a troupe (41) of super Kawaii dancers! KPP battles evil throughout the show, as well as pausing to engage with fans that have attended the show in Kawaii outfits, this I especially liked as you don't see famous acts engaging with their fans like this normally and it brought her closer to her adoring fans.

The stage is set with a Magical Wonder Castle that is brightly coloured, which is taken over by an evil thorn bush at the beginning of the show. KPP enters the stage from the ceiling, floating down to the ground dressed as a Prince Charming.

As she sings her opening few tracks she battles the evil that has taken over the castle and eventually wins! She then leaves the stage to change outfits. She appears back on stage via the castle front door dressed as a super Kawaii Princess, wearing a baby blue princess dress and crown.

After several songs in this outfit she leaves the stage, reappearing at the end of a run way on a platform wearing a hot pink dress and crown that lights up! ^^ Now every Kawaii girl needs a dress just like this!

She finishes the main show wearing this outfit but then returns in a more dressed down Kawaii outfit for her encore. As I mentioned, KPP sings 23 songs, the track list is:

1 Fashion Monster
2 Saigono Ice Cream
3 Kimini 100 Percent
4 Kura Kura
5 Furisodation
6 Mi
7 Minna no Uta
8 Super Scooter Happy
11 Invader Invader
12 Noriko to Norio
13 Sungoi Aura
14 Point of View
15 Oyasumi
16 Giri Giri Safe
17 Tsukema Tsukeru
18 Ninjari Bang Bang
19 Otona na Kodomo
21 Mottai-NightLand
22 Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring
23 Chan Chaka Chan Chan

The end of the DVD contains backstage commentary.

I'm extremely impressed with the show and DVD and seriously recommend it for any Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fan! The show was very impressive, she covers lots of her famous songs and her dancers are awesome! If you're a fan make sure you add this to your Christmas list!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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