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Kawaii Collections - Living Dead Dolls

With Halloween fast approaching I thought I would post about a small but spooky collection that I have called Living Dead Dolls. The dolls were first created in 1998 and are horror themed. The range just launched their 26th range in the series and it has already sold out on their website due to their high popularity! As well as being horror themed, I think they are very kawaii and have a few in my collection ^^

The first doll I'm going to show you is my favourite, her name is Catrina and was part of the 20th series which was a Day of the Dead series:

She has very long black hair that has an adorable red rose in it. She is wearing a cute black and white stripey strapless top and a black skirt with a white skull and cross bones on it. She also has little white socks and a black pair of Mary Jane shoes! I love Mary Janes!! ^^ Her face is decorated with a sugar skull pattern which I love! The description on the Living Dead Doll site for Catrina says:

Elegant Catrina dressed for a night out of her grave
Sugar skull cookies are the sweets that she craves
The living have honored her with the altar they made
And she dances her way through the Dia de los Muertos Parade

Each doll comes in a coffin shaped and decorated box with a death certificate. Carina's certificate says:

Her grave is visited with gifts for the dead
A ritual celebration including Pan de Muertos bread
The midnight vigil held for this angelitos
To keep the memory living of our little ghost

The next doll we have is one the Mr wanted due to his love of luchador wrestlers, he is also part of series 20! This is El Luchador Muerto:

He is dressed as a traditional luchador wrestler with a cape and mask which is decorated with spider webs to match the spider on his chest. The description on the Living Dead Doll site for El Luchador Muerto says:

In the ring El Luchador was king
And all of his opponents dispatched
Until this rudos said adios
And was defeated in a wager match

And his death certificate says:

The face of muertos upon his mask
This luchador is at the top of his class
Defeating all creatures until there were none left
And so he chose to wrestle instead with death

The last doll I am going to show you is Sunday:

Sunday is dressed as a little angel with wings and a halo. Her little cap sleeve dress has a pink tint to it and a ruffled skirt and she is wearing little white Mary Janes ^^. The description on the Living Dead Doll site for Sunday says:

"An angel is what you are." Is what her Mother said.
She placed upon her costume wings, a halo above her head.
Sunday trusted her Mommy, and believed this to be so.
Climbed did she the highest tree around, from its peak she let go.

And her death certificate says:

She hit many branches on the way to the ground
The breaking of bone made an awful sound
Severe blunt trauma to the chest, neck, and head
Is why this little angel was found lying dead.

They aren't for everyone but I love these dolls, and I do find these to be Kawaii despite them having a dark edge to them. Each doll is 18 inches and is super high quality. Since its popularity has grown Living Dead Dolls now sell a whole range of items such as plushes, a board game, school supplies, Halloween costumes and much more. They have even done blind boxes!!

And if you have read my blog before you will have come across several other posts on blind bags/boxes! This one I got from Mr as a Christmas stocking present! This is who I got in my box:

This is Calavera and she is Super Kawaii!! Her face is decorated with sugar skull patterns which as I said before, I LOVE!! She is standing next to a spade and by the looks of it has dug up something!! She is just one of the ten figures that you could collect in this mini figure series.

To find out more about Living Dead Dolls visit their website!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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