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Kawaii Collections - Harajuku Lovers Perfume

Being a huge fan of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Perfume, I just had to do a post on my collection after finding out the she has just launched a new set in the range!

To take you back, Gwen Stefani launched Harajuku Lovers Perfume back in 2005 as part of the Harajuku Lovers Fashion and Perfume range. The brand is built around Gwen's love of Japanese fashion and youth culture and went on to win several top awards including the prestigious FiFi Awards for both Best Women's Luxury Fragrance and Best Women's Luxury Fragrance Packaging.

I first spotted the range in Boots and after buying one I was hooked! Here is the first set I bought:

Each bottle has two parts, the doll and a perfume stand which the doll sits on top of. Each fragrance in the range is represented by either Gwen, Love, Lil'Angel, Music or Baby, the Harajuku Girls that sung and danced with Gwen. Each doll has its own individual style which is a copy of the characters played by Gwen and the Harajuku Girls. The dolls are very detailed and look super Kawaii on display! Even the backs had full detail:

My most favourite set that I have is the Wicked Style set:

This is a special range with each doll's hair being velour and brightly coloured. Each doll's outfit and perfume represents a famous Harajuku fashion. Love is designed around Lolita fashion. Lil'Angel is designed around Goth Lolita fashion. Gwen is designed as an Omotesando girl. Music is designed around Visual Kei and Baby is designed around Decora!!!! ^^ They have also changed the colour of the perfume to match the outfit of each doll.

So those are the 'large doll' sets that I have. When I say 'large doll' I mean that each range was released as both a large and a small doll, here is an example of both the large and small dolls available:

The next set I have in the smaller dolls is the Sunshine Cuties range, these are dolls dressed and ready for the summer!

Aren't they just Super Kawaii????!!! They all have specially designed bathing suits on along with matching accessories.

And again, the details carry onto the back of the dolls! This was a limited edition range but you can still find them for sale on sites such as Amazon.

The next set I have is the Snow Bunnies and has the dolls all dressed for winter!

Each doll has a super cute jacket, mittens and some even have scarves. Each seasonal set brings a new scent to each doll so your perfumes match the seasons as well as your outfits!

As well as releasing sets, Harajuku Lovers also released limited edition Gwen perfumes. The first one I have to show you is G of the Sea which has Gwen portrayed as a beautiful mermaid! This is large doll like the first sets I showed you.

The next limited edition perfume I have to show you is Super G! This has Gwen portrayed as a super hero with mask and cape!! This is also a large doll.

The last doll I have did not come part of a perfume set, but I display it on a spare G of the Sea perfume I got. This doll came as part of a set of pens that you could use to 'Create your own G' which was the name of the set. I have chosen to leave it plain as I thought it looked kawaii enough sat on this bottle ^^.

So that is all I have in my collection at the moment, but I have read that Gwen has just last week launched a new collection called 'Pop Electric' in which the dolls look like they have been dipped in molten chrome. You can find a pic of them on the HSN website where Gwen launched the new range. Hmmmm might this have to go on my Christmas list?!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my collection!
Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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