Thursday, 2 October 2014

Kawaii Blogging - My First Six Months ^^

I have now been blogging for a whole six months!! It's gone so fast and I have been so surprised and chuffed at the response I have had to my blog. I have had almost 6000 hits in only 6 months!! It's more than I could have dreamed of when I started this! The reach of Kawaii has surprised me the most with hits from across the globe! I try to keep up with all my new hits and do wave hello from my Twitter and Facebook when i see a new country! I have even started to log where I have had hits from on a map!

It took me many years to build up to doing a blog. For a long time I didn't think I had enough to keep you all entertained, but the longer I do this, the more confident I have gotten! When I started my blog I wanted to cover every aspect of leading a Kawaii Lifestyle; fashion, accessories, gaming, music, homes, shops, events and places. I wanted to give honest and genuine customer reviews of Kawaii sellers and despite being offered free items in exchange for reviews and to affiliate my blog with sites, I have managed to stick to my core principles and stayed independent!!

I have covered a whole range of topics, from Hello Kitty accessories to her Homes in Puroland! I have reviewed sellers at home and from across the globe. I hope that you have enjoyed my posts and that they have given you a taste of my Life in the Kawaii Lane ^^

I am lucky enough to have visited Japan several times in my life and still have so much to share with you from the centre of the Kawaii Universe!! I am planning to return to Japan next September and have some special plans set for my trip and my followers ^_~

As well as posting on the blog, I try and post something Kawaii on my Facebook and Twitter everyday! So if you're a regular to the blog then make sure you follow these too! I wouldn't want you to miss out!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog as much as I have writing it! And I hope you keep coming back for many Kawaii posts to come!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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