Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween - Happy Birthday Kuromi!

Today is Halloween, it is also the birthday of Kuromi, a super cute Sanrio character.

Kuromi first featured in the anime Onegai My Melody and although she is My Melody's friend she sees them both as rivals. She is known to be a mischievous character and is much loved by rocker girls because of her appearance! She is a white rabbit-like creature who wears a black jesters hat with a pink skull on the front. She also has a black devil tail instead of the normal fluffy rabbit tail. You can even find her wearing pink cherries on some of her outfits! As you may have picked up on already, her favourite colours are hot pink and black! Despite being a tomboy she can actually be very girly and loves reading romantic stories and cooking. She also has a sidekick named Baku (the purple creature in the pic above), he can fly!

Kuromi is the leader of a gang known as "Kuromi's 5" which features a purple cat named Nyanmi, a pale orange dog named Wanmi, a white fox named Konmi, and a grey and white rat named Chumi. Super Kawaii don't you think?!

Kuromi is one my favourite Sanrio characters and I'm lucky enough to have met her on my first trip to Puroland:

As you can see I even wore my Kuromi top! ^^ Although she's quite a rare character when it comes to merchandise, you can find her on some items/ranges with My Melody. Here is a super kawaii figurine:

This is Kurumi Nui, Kuromi's human form!
A common outfit you can find Kuromi wearing is a maid outfit such as the one on the pendant below:

And here is a set of bookmarkers that feature both My Melody and Kuromi as maids! ^^

So you can get hold of her if you look carefully! Like I said before, her style and colours make her a favourite character of rocker girls as well as some dark decora girls I spotted around Harajuku! So, what do you think of Kuromi?


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