Sunday, 19 October 2014

Gaming Review - Love Letter

Love Letter is a game for 2-4 players that is taking the world by storm!  The game was created by Japanese designer, Seiji Kanai, and is published in the English speaking world by AEG.  The backstory to the game, taken from AEG's site is:

"Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in which lived a beautiful princess.  She was a sweet soul, kind to all and was thus loved by the whole of the kingdom. Several young men had fallen helplessly in love with the princess, but unable to enter the castle, all they could do was send her letters of their affection. However, to their dismay, they found that letters from just anyone would not reach the princess. So the young would-be suitors set themselves on finding allies among the castle’s servants, so that they might deliver their letter to the princess personally."

Love Letter has been made with various themes, but we got the Kanai Factory Edition version, which features the artwork from the original Japanese release.  It also comes with two promotional cards to let you play for the love of a handsome Prince or a beautiful Princess wearing glasses instead of the normal Princess.  I think this version of Love Letter has the cutest artwork, which is why it is the version we chose ^^

The game only features 16 cards - and it all comes in one handy box so there's no need to buy booster packs or multiple copies of the game.

The game is really simple, based around drawing and discarding a card at a time to make sure that you are the last suitor standing! The winner of each round is the person whose Love Letter managed to get to the Princess (or Prince!) and therefore you win a token of affection.  The first player to win three tokens of affection is the winner!

The different cards represent different people at the castle, from guards to clowns and brave knights to a sneaky minister. They each have a different effect on the game and using these to your advantage is the key to winning the heart of the Princess!

The game is really quick to play (5-15 minutes or so) and is great fun! We really enjoy playing it and recommend it to you even if you aren't used to playing these kinds of games.  Just watch out for that Minister! ^^

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beautyinjapan said...

That sounds like such a sweet game :) I've never heard of it before, thank you for your review :D

Danniella x

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