Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Anime - Chobits

The Chobits anime is an adaptation of the manga by Clamp (an all-female Japanese manga artist collective).  It is, at its core, a love story - but with a twist.  It explores the relationship between humans and technology through the interaction between human characters and various Persocoms (advanced computers that resemble humans).  You can buy it in a complete collected edition spread over several discs.

The story follows a college-aged guy called Hideki Motosuwa who is trying to juggle prep school and a part-time job.  He can't afford a computer, but one day he finds an abandoned human-sized Persocom.  To start with the Persocom can only say 'Chii' so Hideki gives her the name Chii while he (and his friends) try to understand the mysterious Persocom.

Chii is super kawaii and you may recognise the 'Persocom Ears' as a popular and affordable option for cosplayers (they are all over eBay and similar sites!).  To start with Hideki can't afford clothes for Chii, so she has to make do with his spare clothes.

But as the series progresses, of course she has a variety of kawaii outfits!


Some of her outfits are so popular, you can even buy them ready made from cosplay specialists online!

There are also smaller Persocoms - a futuristic version of a laptop! This one is Hideki's friend's and she is called Sumomo - isn't she just so kawaii!! ^^

She is always full of energy and is a little bit crazy - but she is so adorable! Her owner has programmed her to wake him up with an alarm every morning and get him to do early morning stretches and exercises!

Another small Persocom that features in the series is called Kotoko.  She has a serious personality and is programmed to never lie, but she is still super kawaii!

I won't spoil the story for you, but I recommend this anime (and manga!) for fans of romance and comedy anime/manga.  It has drama and suspense, and is sometimes a little naughty (implied and humourous rather than rude) - but it is a romantic comedy with an interesting and sometimes thought-provoking story.

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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