Wednesday, 22 October 2014

3DS Princess Peach Themes ^^

Nintendo have released a series of new themes that you can purchase from the Nintendo Shop for your 3DS! The themes are of popular Nintendo characters such as Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Link and the most Kawaii character of all, Princess Peach <3

There are two Princess Peach themes currently available, the first one was released a few weeks ago and is called Completely Peach, here it is on my Animal Crossing 3DS:

The theme features a very bright pink, with a pic of Princess Peach on the top screen and crowns on the background. The bottom screen has a background of Mushrooms and little Peach heads! Folders have also been styled after her clothes!! The theme also comes with Mario music playing in the background and sound effects when you choose an option for added gaming power!!

The second theme which was released in the last few days is the Spinner Peach which features Princess Peach in the middle of the bottom screen, and she turns as you move through the options:

She starts facing you and then as you cycle through the icons she turns till she is back facing you:

The top screen has various Mario characters and items from the Mario series such as the fire flower and the invincibility star, outlined in pink! This has a another version of the Mario music playing in the background and sound effects!

Each theme is £1.79 from the store which isn't a bad price to Kawaii up your 3DS ^^ Make sure you check out the themes available before you miss them!

Catch you tomorrow Kawaiisters!! ^^

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beautyinjapan said...

The themes are so cute <3 I need to sign up for an account before I can have one for my 3ds!

Danniella x

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