Tuesday, 14 October 2014

100 Super Kawaii Posts!! ^^

Having started my blog in March this year, I have just posted my 100th post for the year!! As my blog title alludes to, Kawaii isn't just about fashion, it's a lifestyle that can be reflected in all aspects of your life, as it does in mine!

Over the last almost 7 months I have blogged about a wide range of topics to make sure you get a taste of how Kawaii can be incorporated into all areas of your life.

I have blogged about Kawaii characters such as Gloomy Bear and Nyanpire. About Kawaii sellers in my reviews, like Kawaii Machine, Fangirly Storm and Kuma Crafts. I have shown you Kawaii games such as Tomodachi Life and Pokemon Trading Cards. I have highlighted Kawaii brands including Tokidoki and 6%DOKIDOKI. I have introduced you to some Kawaii Idol groups, such as Silent Siren, Dempagumi Inc and Momoiro Clover Z. I have taken you into Hello Kitty's Homes in Puroland and shown you around events in the UK. All posts get labelled to help you find all the related posts you want, just click on a key word in the label list on the left hand side of the blog and all posts labelled with that word will open in a single view!

Kawaii never goes out of fashion, so if you haven't already, make sure you go back and check out my earlier posts! You can also keep up with me on a daily basis by liking my Facebook page or following me on Twitter! As well as posts on the blog, you'll find lots of Kawaii content on them as well! Including my daily accessory pics! If you're not on Facebook or Twitter but still want to keep up to date with my blog, then why not sign up to Bloglovin'? It's an awesome site that allows you to track and view posts from all of your favourite blogs!

I am really enjoying showing you all how I keep my life Kawaii! ^^ And remember, my blog is a hobby, it's purely for fun, I have turned away sites that wanted to affiliate with me so I could make money and have refused freebies from sellers in return for positive reviews. All of the items you see reviewed on my blog have been bought be me or Mr as genuine customers and sellers have no idea I will be reviewing them and their items on my blog, making my blog 100% independent!

I have lots of posts planned and can't wait to take you on holiday with me to Tokyo next year! I will be taking the blog with me so I can show you first hand the home of Kawaii! ^^ If there are any places you would like to see featured on the blog whilst I am in Tokyo then let me know with a comment below!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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