Sunday, 21 September 2014

Summer Holiday Adventures!! ^^

Hello Kawaiisters!!! Now, if you follow me on my Facebook or Twitter you will have noticed that I have been on my summer holiday the last two weeks!! The Mr and I spent two weeks in the lovely sunny Newquay in the South West of England, we had a lovely relaxing time and hope you enjoyed the Adventures of Chespin and Chocobo!! Yes, Life in the Kawaii Lane does not stop when we're on holiday! We take you with us!! If you haven't been following me on Facebook or Twitter then you have missed out on some super Kawaii pics of Chespin and Chocobo enjoying their summer holiday! So you don't miss out on it completely here are a few pics:

One thing we love about being by the seaside is the beautiful sunsets and here is Chespin and Chocobo enjoying it too!

One day we popped to a nearby city called Truro, here Chespin and Chocobo did a spot of sightseeing! Here they are enjoying some of the street art!

One of the best things about where we stayed is that it's right across the road from a zoo!! Newquay Zoo is a lovely zoo and Chespin and Chocobo spent the day spotting Pokemon! Here they are taking a few selfies!

They loved the zoo that much that they wanted to do a spot of cosplaying! Here they are cosplaying their favourite Pokemon!

Being a few minutes from the beautiful beach, Chespin couldn't help trying a spot of surfing! Here he is showing off his new board!!

While Chespin tried out surfing, Chocobo enjoyed the soft sand by building some super kawaii sand castles!!

While they relaxed on the beach, Chespin got a right fright when a wild Froakie appeared!!! But it was all OK as he only wanted to join Chespin and Chocobo on their adventures!

So that was the Adventures of Chespin and Chocobo! I hope you enjoyed it and if you haven't yet Liked my Facebook or followed me on Twitter I hope this inspires you to so you don't miss out next time!! Remember, I post Kawaiiness on my Facebook and Twitter everyday!!

As well as relaxing and entertaining Chespin and Chocobo we did a spot of shopping! And I managed to find several super Kawaii items at the seaside! I will be doing special posts on what I found so make sure to pop back later in the week! Or to get alerted to new posts, Like my Facebook and Follow me on Twitter!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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