Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mr Takeover - Japanese Media Apps ^^

Hello kawaiisters! This is another Mr takeover post, this time I'm going to tell you about my favourite Japanese media apps!

Here's what's in my 'J-media' folder on my iphone:

There's a mixture of radio and TV apps, so let's have a look at each in turn...

The first one is Asia Radio. This app has radio stations from lots of different countries that you can listen to over the internet, but if you are like us you will probably be most interested in the Japanese stations! ^^

This is what the main interface looks like when you are listening to a station.

Here's a sample of the list of Japanese stations:

Next to each station name there is a star, you can see that for some of them I've given them a star which makes them favourites and means they appear in a list at the bottom of the main interface.

For cute modern music then I recommend the JPHiP station, but my absolute favourite is Ban Ban Radio - it plays a mixture of music (mostly Japanese) but also includes DJs, jingles, adverts and talk shows which can help you practice Japanese listening comprehension if you are into that!

We tend to listen to the radio through this and the other radio app using our docking station, so it can be on for quite a while - the app has a built in screensaver function, which shows a slideshow of quirky images like this:-

This is a great app and is completely free - you can use it over 3/4G, but it's especially good on your wi-fi in your house ^^

Here's another internet-based radio app, but this one is called AllJPopRadio. This works in the same kind of way as Asia Radio app, but is focussed more strongly around J-Pop (which is great when you just want great music rather than to practice listening to Japanese ^^).

This is a sample of the station list on AllJPopRadio:

Our all-time favourite station on this app has to be KAWAii Radio.  It plays a great, upbeat mix of recent and up to date J-Pop (and a sprinkle of K-Pop too!).  They even play the occasional Hinoi Team song! ^^

When you are listening to a station with this app, it looks like this:

Some stations even load up an album/single image along with the song being played, which can help you track down any songs you fall in love with!

Again, this app is completely free!

You might already know NHK World if it is available from your TV supplier, but if you've not checked it out or you can't get it through your TV, you can always use the NHK World app to watch programmes live over the internet! Yes, you can watch the home of Domo-kun using your smart phone!

NHK World aims to inform and entertain by showing all sorts of shows about Japanese culture; both traditional and modern.  It also has news programmes regularly throughout the day so you can keep up with what is happening in Japan!  Some awesome shows that you can watch include Kawaii International, Japanology, Tokyo Eye and Lunch On!

This is quite heavy on internet use, so I wouldn't recommend you use it over 3/4G - but over wi-fi it is awesome!

It's free to, so check it out!

Finally, we have the official Pokémon TV app!

This app gives you access (again via the internet) to lots of episodes from the long-running Pokémon TV series on a rolling basis, with 10 episodes available at any time from each region! It's totally free so you can catch up on episodes, or bring back fond memories of Ash's adventures!

Hope you enjoyed the post, and if you can, I recommend you check out these apps for some awesome entertainment for free! ^^

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