Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kawaii Countdown - Pokémon You Might Not Know!

Everyone knows super Kawaii pokémon like Pikachu and Jigglypuff, but with 719 pokémon (so far!) there's bound to be lots you haven't met yet!  Here's my countdown of the top 10 Kawaii pokémon you might not know!

10 - Meloetta

Meloetta is a legendary pokémon, and is themed around music - her long hair is like musical bar!

9 - Makuhita

This little guy is Makuhita, a fighting-type pokémon styled after Sumo.  He's famous for never giving up!

8 - Shaymin

This kawaii legendary pokémon is called Shaymin.  When it feels comfortable, more flowers appear on its back, but when it gets scared they hide away again.

7 - Spheal

Spheal is a cute Ice/Water-type pokémon.  As its flippers are so small it's not a good swimmer so it moves by rolling around on ice instead.

6 - Whismur

Whismur is known as the Whisper Pokémon and its Japanese name is ゴニョニョ (Gonyonyo) which is the sound of mubling, murmuring or whispering.

5 - Jirachi

This legendary pokémon is called Jirachi and is said to have the ability to grant any wish for just one week every thousand years!

4 - Litwick

This spooky little cutie is called Litwick and he's a Ghost/Fire-type pokémon

3 - Dedenne

Dedenne is a new pokémon and appears in the Pokemon XY TV series!  It's very popular in Japan and plushes could be found in UFO Catchers everywhere!

2 - Pancham

This little chap is called Pancham and while he tries to look intimidating, if he is patted on the head he can't help but grin! ^^

1 - Gothita

Gothita is the youngest of a evolution-family of pokémon that are styled after Gothic Lolitas! She's so cute with her Kawaii ribbons! ^^

So that's my top 10 Kawaii pokémon you might not know.  What are your favourite Kawaii pokémon?

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