Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Brand Review - NEFF ^^

In my post about my summer holiday I told you that I had managed to make some super Kawaii purchases!! Now Newquay is very well known for its surfing, but it also has its fair share of skateboarders (well you can't surf all the time!) and as we worked our way through the town we came across a skate shop selling some super Kawaii items from a brand called NEFF! Now, I'm a BIG beanie fan so when I saw these I just had to grab them!

The first item is a super Kawaii purple beanie, the main section of the beanie is mostly a pastel purple with spots of dark purple so it would go really nice in a wintery pastel outfit! The band around the base of the beanie is a matching dark purple knit which is so soft and is a lovely fit too!

The next item I just had to buy as soon as i spotted it!! It's a super Kawaii Cupcake Beanie!!! The description of the beanie in the shop is of a vanilla cupcake, with white frosting, red, blue and yellow sprinkles and a red cherry on the top!! It's a really high quality knit and should keep me nice and warm at the bus stop over the winter!! They have lots of colours available for this on their web store!

Now I could't leave the Mr out on the shopping trip and he managed to find an equally Kawaii cap! (if you're a regular reader of the blog you will know that Mr is a BIG cap fan!) The cap is a snap back which is a very popular street style in Tokyo! The peak is grey and the body of the cap is black with a capped Elephant stitched on the front! This caught our eye in the window of the shop, which was a good thing as I then found my beanies inside!! The side of the cap has Heavy Hitters stitched on and the brand name NEFF is stitched just above the snap back fastening. I loved the cap and just had to treat my Mr to it!! It's just his style!

The brand NEFF is a Californian label that was created in 2002. They specialise in head wear but they also make clothing, sunglasses and watches. You can check them out via their online store!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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