Saturday, 27 September 2014

Brand Review - Claire's Accessories ^^

When I was on holiday I popped into a Claire's Accessories shop to grab some hair bands. Now I have to admit I don't normally shop in Claire's as when I pass it it's normally too full to contemplate going in as I wouldn't get a chance to check items out properly, but when I popped in on holiday it was empty which meant me and the Mr could have a proper mooch round!! Now most people have heard of Claire's Accessories, I have seen them right across the UK, in California and even on the Takeshita Dori in Tokyo! They sell hair accessories as well as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more.

The first items we spotted were some super Kawaii bracelets!! Now when I say super, I mean SUPER KAWAII!!!

The first one I'm going to show you is a rainbow macaroon bracelet! The colours are quite pastelly so will go very well in a fairy kei look! Each little macaroon has a super kawaii smile on their face! How Kawaii is this!!

The next bracelet is a sushi charm bracelet! They are so kawaii and again they all have little faces on! The chain isn't too chunky and is a very nice length as well as being adjustable.

The next bracelet is a cake charm bracelet! They each have googly eyes that move and are really nicely detailed! I can see this one being popular in Japan with their love of sweets and dessert fashion! ^^

All of the bracelets are very good value at between £5 and £6 which for something so Kawaii is a bargain to me!

The next items I bought were earrings. I have quite a few ear piercings with three sets in my ears and one at the top of my right ear so it's always nice to find matching pairs that can be worn across all sets!

These are all space themed which I love and I also spotted a set or two that look like they are from Pacman and Space Invaders!

These are super Kawaii and come in pastel colours, they are quite small which I thought would be nice to wear while I'm at work (in an office). 

The next ones are very wintery as they have mittens, gingerbread houses, socks and mugs which you can just imagine holds a nice cup of hot chocolate! nom nom ^^

This next set of earrings I just had to buy! They are just so Kawaii and are teeny pencils!

I also picked up a lovely new pink bow ring which will help keep me kawaii at work! What do you think?

As well as some hair bands I also picked up some rainbow hair clips which will go really nicely in my Decora look! I love rainbow Decora, it's my favourite style!

I also found some rainbow head bands. They are quite thin so again can be worn at work, but they also add a teeny bit of glam as them have a hint of glitter running through them!

The last item I bought was part of a super Kawaii range of monster items! It's a fluffy, furry range with bright colours and cute details! Here is a pic of the full range:

They had small and medium bags, ear muffs to keep you warm and even some notepads! I picked up a coin purse:

How cute is he! I haven't named him yet! If you have any ideas leave me a comment! He is so super Kawaii he even has a little tail!

On a whole, I was chuffed with the bits we found! All while looking for some plain hair bands! And every thing was very reasonably priced, some were even in the sale they have on at the moment! So if you see anything you like run down to your local Claire's Accessories and see what you can find!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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