Monday, 1 September 2014

A spot of Kawaii Shopping!! ^^

So the Mr and I had today off and headed into Birmingham City Centre to do a spot of shopping, Kawaii shopping of course! ^^ I managed to find a few very Kawaii bits that I just had to show you all!

So first off we popped into Paperchase (I love stationery!!) so we could pick up some birthday cards for a few family members and I was looking for a lovely new diary. After scouring the shop (I think they were hiding them on me!) I found a super Kawaii diary that was big enough to keep me all organised!!

As you can see I also snuck a super cute pencil case into the shopping basket ^^ I tend to use these to carry other bits round like make up or spare accessories! And this was pink, glittery and has a unicorn on!! Anything with a Unicorn on is a win for me!!

Next we headed into H&M, I love popping in and checking out the accessories section on both the ladies and kids wear, they always have something super Kawaii!! And I wasn't let down! I managed to find three super Kawaii bits!

I LOVE SOCKS!!! So when I saw these super Kawaii Hello Kitty socks I just had to grab a pack!! And they are super thick so will keep my feeties super warm in the winter!! Theres three colours, pink, yellow and purple and they all have Hello Kitty on sitting above a glittery rainbow! ^^ Next Mr found me a Kawaii Rainbow Dash hair brush!! I love mini hair brushes and with so many bags it's hard to keep track of them, but this one is my new favourite!! Gotta love My Little Pony!! With winter on its way the ladies wear section had some wintery accessories and I spotted a Care Bears Beanie!! OMG CARE BEARS!!! So I had to grab this too! With not being a driver we catch a lot of buses and this will help keep me warm and Kawaii this winter!!

Next we swung by The Entertainer, we love toy shops and spotted these awesome Pokemon Plushes!!

The Pokemon on the left is Oshawott and the right is Snivy! They are quite big and are supposed to be able to communicate with each other! If we manage to get them working then I'll pop a video on Facebook!

Then we popped into Poundland for batteries! Being big gamers we get through alot of batteries in or hand sets so we had to top up ^^ I'm glad we did as look what I found hiding on the bottom shelf in the toy section!!

Yes it's Hello Kitty x TY Beanie Babies and dressed as Gene Simmons from KISS!!! OMG I just had to get two! One for me and one for my Kawaii niece Becky!!! And only a pound each!!!

Next we headed to TK Maxx, now I love shoes so I headed straight for my size and found the best boots ever!!!

They are some SUPER Kawaii see through pink boots!!! I LOVE THEM!!! ^^ And they were a bargain at £16.99! I love that they are clear which means I can wear them with different patterned socks to get different looks!! And they will keep my feeties dry in the winter!! Did I tell you I LOVE THEM? ^^

Well that's all I got today! I'm off to admire my new boots!
Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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