Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mr Takeover - Japanese Media Apps ^^

Hello kawaiisters! This is another Mr takeover post, this time I'm going to tell you about my favourite Japanese media apps!

Here's what's in my 'J-media' folder on my iphone:

There's a mixture of radio and TV apps, so let's have a look at each in turn...

The first one is Asia Radio. This app has radio stations from lots of different countries that you can listen to over the internet, but if you are like us you will probably be most interested in the Japanese stations! ^^

This is what the main interface looks like when you are listening to a station.

Here's a sample of the list of Japanese stations:

Next to each station name there is a star, you can see that for some of them I've given them a star which makes them favourites and means they appear in a list at the bottom of the main interface.

For cute modern music then I recommend the JPHiP station, but my absolute favourite is Ban Ban Radio - it plays a mixture of music (mostly Japanese) but also includes DJs, jingles, adverts and talk shows which can help you practice Japanese listening comprehension if you are into that!

We tend to listen to the radio through this and the other radio app using our docking station, so it can be on for quite a while - the app has a built in screensaver function, which shows a slideshow of quirky images like this:-

This is a great app and is completely free - you can use it over 3/4G, but it's especially good on your wi-fi in your house ^^

Here's another internet-based radio app, but this one is called AllJPopRadio. This works in the same kind of way as Asia Radio app, but is focussed more strongly around J-Pop (which is great when you just want great music rather than to practice listening to Japanese ^^).

This is a sample of the station list on AllJPopRadio:

Our all-time favourite station on this app has to be KAWAii Radio.  It plays a great, upbeat mix of recent and up to date J-Pop (and a sprinkle of K-Pop too!).  They even play the occasional Hinoi Team song! ^^

When you are listening to a station with this app, it looks like this:

Some stations even load up an album/single image along with the song being played, which can help you track down any songs you fall in love with!

Again, this app is completely free!

You might already know NHK World if it is available from your TV supplier, but if you've not checked it out or you can't get it through your TV, you can always use the NHK World app to watch programmes live over the internet! Yes, you can watch the home of Domo-kun using your smart phone!

NHK World aims to inform and entertain by showing all sorts of shows about Japanese culture; both traditional and modern.  It also has news programmes regularly throughout the day so you can keep up with what is happening in Japan!  Some awesome shows that you can watch include Kawaii International, Japanology, Tokyo Eye and Lunch On!

This is quite heavy on internet use, so I wouldn't recommend you use it over 3/4G - but over wi-fi it is awesome!

It's free to, so check it out!

Finally, we have the official Pokémon TV app!

This app gives you access (again via the internet) to lots of episodes from the long-running Pokémon TV series on a rolling basis, with 10 episodes available at any time from each region! It's totally free so you can catch up on episodes, or bring back fond memories of Ash's adventures!

Hope you enjoyed the post, and if you can, I recommend you check out these apps for some awesome entertainment for free! ^^

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Brand Review - Claire's Accessories ^^

When I was on holiday I popped into a Claire's Accessories shop to grab some hair bands. Now I have to admit I don't normally shop in Claire's as when I pass it it's normally too full to contemplate going in as I wouldn't get a chance to check items out properly, but when I popped in on holiday it was empty which meant me and the Mr could have a proper mooch round!! Now most people have heard of Claire's Accessories, I have seen them right across the UK, in California and even on the Takeshita Dori in Tokyo! They sell hair accessories as well as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more.

The first items we spotted were some super Kawaii bracelets!! Now when I say super, I mean SUPER KAWAII!!!

The first one I'm going to show you is a rainbow macaroon bracelet! The colours are quite pastelly so will go very well in a fairy kei look! Each little macaroon has a super kawaii smile on their face! How Kawaii is this!!

The next bracelet is a sushi charm bracelet! They are so kawaii and again they all have little faces on! The chain isn't too chunky and is a very nice length as well as being adjustable.

The next bracelet is a cake charm bracelet! They each have googly eyes that move and are really nicely detailed! I can see this one being popular in Japan with their love of sweets and dessert fashion! ^^

All of the bracelets are very good value at between £5 and £6 which for something so Kawaii is a bargain to me!

The next items I bought were earrings. I have quite a few ear piercings with three sets in my ears and one at the top of my right ear so it's always nice to find matching pairs that can be worn across all sets!

These are all space themed which I love and I also spotted a set or two that look like they are from Pacman and Space Invaders!

These are super Kawaii and come in pastel colours, they are quite small which I thought would be nice to wear while I'm at work (in an office). 

The next ones are very wintery as they have mittens, gingerbread houses, socks and mugs which you can just imagine holds a nice cup of hot chocolate! nom nom ^^

This next set of earrings I just had to buy! They are just so Kawaii and are teeny pencils!

I also picked up a lovely new pink bow ring which will help keep me kawaii at work! What do you think?

As well as some hair bands I also picked up some rainbow hair clips which will go really nicely in my Decora look! I love rainbow Decora, it's my favourite style!

I also found some rainbow head bands. They are quite thin so again can be worn at work, but they also add a teeny bit of glam as them have a hint of glitter running through them!

The last item I bought was part of a super Kawaii range of monster items! It's a fluffy, furry range with bright colours and cute details! Here is a pic of the full range:

They had small and medium bags, ear muffs to keep you warm and even some notepads! I picked up a coin purse:

How cute is he! I haven't named him yet! If you have any ideas leave me a comment! He is so super Kawaii he even has a little tail!

On a whole, I was chuffed with the bits we found! All while looking for some plain hair bands! And every thing was very reasonably priced, some were even in the sale they have on at the moment! So if you see anything you like run down to your local Claire's Accessories and see what you can find!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Cupitron - Unicorn Parade

I've recently found this new idol group - Cupitron! They seem like real life vocaloids to me ^^ Their website says they make 'Colorful Pop!!! from Techno World' and the music has a great electro-pop style!

They have recently released their first single ユニコーンパレード (Unicorn Parade) and here's the video for the song:

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Brand Review - NEFF ^^

In my post about my summer holiday I told you that I had managed to make some super Kawaii purchases!! Now Newquay is very well known for its surfing, but it also has its fair share of skateboarders (well you can't surf all the time!) and as we worked our way through the town we came across a skate shop selling some super Kawaii items from a brand called NEFF! Now, I'm a BIG beanie fan so when I saw these I just had to grab them!

The first item is a super Kawaii purple beanie, the main section of the beanie is mostly a pastel purple with spots of dark purple so it would go really nice in a wintery pastel outfit! The band around the base of the beanie is a matching dark purple knit which is so soft and is a lovely fit too!

The next item I just had to buy as soon as i spotted it!! It's a super Kawaii Cupcake Beanie!!! The description of the beanie in the shop is of a vanilla cupcake, with white frosting, red, blue and yellow sprinkles and a red cherry on the top!! It's a really high quality knit and should keep me nice and warm at the bus stop over the winter!! They have lots of colours available for this on their web store!

Now I could't leave the Mr out on the shopping trip and he managed to find an equally Kawaii cap! (if you're a regular reader of the blog you will know that Mr is a BIG cap fan!) The cap is a snap back which is a very popular street style in Tokyo! The peak is grey and the body of the cap is black with a capped Elephant stitched on the front! This caught our eye in the window of the shop, which was a good thing as I then found my beanies inside!! The side of the cap has Heavy Hitters stitched on and the brand name NEFF is stitched just above the snap back fastening. I loved the cap and just had to treat my Mr to it!! It's just his style!

The brand NEFF is a Californian label that was created in 2002. They specialise in head wear but they also make clothing, sunglasses and watches. You can check them out via their online store!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Summer Holiday Adventures!! ^^

Hello Kawaiisters!!! Now, if you follow me on my Facebook or Twitter you will have noticed that I have been on my summer holiday the last two weeks!! The Mr and I spent two weeks in the lovely sunny Newquay in the South West of England, we had a lovely relaxing time and hope you enjoyed the Adventures of Chespin and Chocobo!! Yes, Life in the Kawaii Lane does not stop when we're on holiday! We take you with us!! If you haven't been following me on Facebook or Twitter then you have missed out on some super Kawaii pics of Chespin and Chocobo enjoying their summer holiday! So you don't miss out on it completely here are a few pics:

One thing we love about being by the seaside is the beautiful sunsets and here is Chespin and Chocobo enjoying it too!

One day we popped to a nearby city called Truro, here Chespin and Chocobo did a spot of sightseeing! Here they are enjoying some of the street art!

One of the best things about where we stayed is that it's right across the road from a zoo!! Newquay Zoo is a lovely zoo and Chespin and Chocobo spent the day spotting Pokemon! Here they are taking a few selfies!

They loved the zoo that much that they wanted to do a spot of cosplaying! Here they are cosplaying their favourite Pokemon!

Being a few minutes from the beautiful beach, Chespin couldn't help trying a spot of surfing! Here he is showing off his new board!!

While Chespin tried out surfing, Chocobo enjoyed the soft sand by building some super kawaii sand castles!!

While they relaxed on the beach, Chespin got a right fright when a wild Froakie appeared!!! But it was all OK as he only wanted to join Chespin and Chocobo on their adventures!

So that was the Adventures of Chespin and Chocobo! I hope you enjoyed it and if you haven't yet Liked my Facebook or followed me on Twitter I hope this inspires you to so you don't miss out next time!! Remember, I post Kawaiiness on my Facebook and Twitter everyday!!

As well as relaxing and entertaining Chespin and Chocobo we did a spot of shopping! And I managed to find several super Kawaii items at the seaside! I will be doing special posts on what I found so make sure to pop back later in the week! Or to get alerted to new posts, Like my Facebook and Follow me on Twitter!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Doll☆Elements is an idol group that was formed in 2011, made its major debut in 2013 and is going from strength to strength in 2014 - they even started their own radio show on Tokyo FM in January!

Here's the kawaii video for their recent single 君のネガイ叶えたい!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kawaii Countdown - Pokémon You Might Not Know!

Everyone knows super Kawaii pokémon like Pikachu and Jigglypuff, but with 719 pokémon (so far!) there's bound to be lots you haven't met yet!  Here's my countdown of the top 10 Kawaii pokémon you might not know!

10 - Meloetta

Meloetta is a legendary pokémon, and is themed around music - her long hair is like musical bar!

9 - Makuhita

This little guy is Makuhita, a fighting-type pokémon styled after Sumo.  He's famous for never giving up!

8 - Shaymin

This kawaii legendary pokémon is called Shaymin.  When it feels comfortable, more flowers appear on its back, but when it gets scared they hide away again.

7 - Spheal

Spheal is a cute Ice/Water-type pokémon.  As its flippers are so small it's not a good swimmer so it moves by rolling around on ice instead.

6 - Whismur

Whismur is known as the Whisper Pokémon and its Japanese name is ゴニョニョ (Gonyonyo) which is the sound of mubling, murmuring or whispering.

5 - Jirachi

This legendary pokémon is called Jirachi and is said to have the ability to grant any wish for just one week every thousand years!

4 - Litwick

This spooky little cutie is called Litwick and he's a Ghost/Fire-type pokémon

3 - Dedenne

Dedenne is a new pokémon and appears in the Pokemon XY TV series!  It's very popular in Japan and plushes could be found in UFO Catchers everywhere!

2 - Pancham

This little chap is called Pancham and while he tries to look intimidating, if he is patted on the head he can't help but grin! ^^

1 - Gothita

Gothita is the youngest of a evolution-family of pokémon that are styled after Gothic Lolitas! She's so cute with her Kawaii ribbons! ^^

So that's my top 10 Kawaii pokémon you might not know.  What are your favourite Kawaii pokémon?

Friday, 5 September 2014


If you like the famous designer h.NAOTO you'll love HANGRY&ANGRY-f, the pop duo that collaborates with him and is named after his two cat mascot characters.

Here's the video for their song Kill Me, Kiss Me:

Aren't the h.NAOTO clothes kawaii! The mix of punk and lolita elements looks super kawaii!

Monday, 1 September 2014

A spot of Kawaii Shopping!! ^^

So the Mr and I had today off and headed into Birmingham City Centre to do a spot of shopping, Kawaii shopping of course! ^^ I managed to find a few very Kawaii bits that I just had to show you all!

So first off we popped into Paperchase (I love stationery!!) so we could pick up some birthday cards for a few family members and I was looking for a lovely new diary. After scouring the shop (I think they were hiding them on me!) I found a super Kawaii diary that was big enough to keep me all organised!!

As you can see I also snuck a super cute pencil case into the shopping basket ^^ I tend to use these to carry other bits round like make up or spare accessories! And this was pink, glittery and has a unicorn on!! Anything with a Unicorn on is a win for me!!

Next we headed into H&M, I love popping in and checking out the accessories section on both the ladies and kids wear, they always have something super Kawaii!! And I wasn't let down! I managed to find three super Kawaii bits!

I LOVE SOCKS!!! So when I saw these super Kawaii Hello Kitty socks I just had to grab a pack!! And they are super thick so will keep my feeties super warm in the winter!! Theres three colours, pink, yellow and purple and they all have Hello Kitty on sitting above a glittery rainbow! ^^ Next Mr found me a Kawaii Rainbow Dash hair brush!! I love mini hair brushes and with so many bags it's hard to keep track of them, but this one is my new favourite!! Gotta love My Little Pony!! With winter on its way the ladies wear section had some wintery accessories and I spotted a Care Bears Beanie!! OMG CARE BEARS!!! So I had to grab this too! With not being a driver we catch a lot of buses and this will help keep me warm and Kawaii this winter!!

Next we swung by The Entertainer, we love toy shops and spotted these awesome Pokemon Plushes!!

The Pokemon on the left is Oshawott and the right is Snivy! They are quite big and are supposed to be able to communicate with each other! If we manage to get them working then I'll pop a video on Facebook!

Then we popped into Poundland for batteries! Being big gamers we get through alot of batteries in or hand sets so we had to top up ^^ I'm glad we did as look what I found hiding on the bottom shelf in the toy section!!

Yes it's Hello Kitty x TY Beanie Babies and dressed as Gene Simmons from KISS!!! OMG I just had to get two! One for me and one for my Kawaii niece Becky!!! And only a pound each!!!

Next we headed to TK Maxx, now I love shoes so I headed straight for my size and found the best boots ever!!!

They are some SUPER Kawaii see through pink boots!!! I LOVE THEM!!! ^^ And they were a bargain at £16.99! I love that they are clear which means I can wear them with different patterned socks to get different looks!! And they will keep my feeties dry in the winter!! Did I tell you I LOVE THEM? ^^

Well that's all I got today! I'm off to admire my new boots!
Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^