Thursday, 7 August 2014

They are just crazy about Kit Kats!

Nowhere else in the world is as crazy about Kit Kats as Japan.  Used as a good luck charm by students taking exams ("Kitto Katsu" translates roughly as "sure win"), Kit Kats are a popular chocolate bar in Japan and they have lots of different types available.

With Japan being famous for its range of unusually flavoured special and regional edition Kit Kats, we purchased a few from Sushi Noms to try out.  Sushi Noms has the widest variety of Japanese Kit Kat varieties outside of Japan, so we had lots to choose from!

The popular Strawberry flavour Kit Kat is a classic and one of the more 'common' Japanese editions.  Pinkuiro Pixie: 9/10
Mr: 8/10

This Apple Kit Kat is limited edition from the Shinshu region.
Pinkuiro Pixie: 7/10
Mr: 8/10

This 'Citrus Golden Blend' Kit Kat is from the Shikoku region.
Pinkuiro Pixie: 9/10
Mr: 7/10

This is the Sakura-Matcha Kit Kat, a blend of Sakura and Matcha green tea.
Pinkuiro Pixie: 7/10
Mr: 8/10

This pudding flavour Kit Kat can even be cooked!
Pinkuiro Pixie: 6/10
Mr: 9/10

This is the Strawberry Cheesecake edition Kit Kat from Yokohama.
Pinkuiro Pixie: 8/10
Mr: 7/10

Kit Kats are so popular in Japan, there is even a special Kit Kat store in Ikebukuro.  The awesome SubTokyo did a vlog on it:

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Pastel~Ophelia said...

Cute post!
I both love and hate the fact Japan has so many amazing flavours of kitkats- love because they all look so yummy. Hate- because they're soo far away and expensive!

A wonderful post I hope to see more cuteness from you soon :D <3

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