Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mr Takeover - J-Candy special

Hello Kawaiisters!

Yes, it's time for another takeover by me, Mr! ^^

This time I thought I'd tell you a bit more about some different types of J-Candy; this time all the items came from the rather awesome Tofu Cute while we were at Hyper Japan

First up we have an absolute classic of J-Candy - Meiji Apollo chocolate-strawberry pieces. 

These are so moreish, it's impossible to just have one or two pieces! The taste is not overpowering, but is definitely strawberry with a little hit of chocolate.  If you've not tried these yet, I really recommend you do; no J-Candy fan worthy of that name can miss out on these! (Yes, it's true, I love Apollo!)

These choco-bananas are also by Meiji.  The box is full of little banana shaped, chocolate filled pieces. The outer coating is crispy candy (like smarties or M&Ms) and the inside is tasty chocolate.  The smell when I opened the box was like a banana milkshake ^^  Another recommended item!

These Pucca biscuits (another Meiji product - they really are one of the giants of J-Candy!) are cocoa biscuit shapes filled with a creamy strawberry flavour.  These are quite similar to snacks like Koala no March or Hello Panda, so it's all about the flavour combination to make them stand out from one another - throughout the year you can find all sorts of different special editions so keep your eyes open for your favourite flavours!

These Petit Pastel chocolate biscuits from Kabaya are probably the most kawaii snack I tried from Tofu Cute! They feature chocolate shapes and a crispy pastel-coloured biscuit.  The shapes include cute ice-cream cones, bears, whales, ghosts, flowers and hearts amongst others.  There are two smaller bags inside this box, which makes them great for sharing with a friend ^^

Without a doubt, the most unusual snacks I got are the Kabaya soda sticks.  We bought the Ramune and Cola box and the Pokemon themed Grape and Melon Soda box.  These boxes include a number of small packs, each with a couple of sticks, so they are easy to ration out to make the J-Candy fun last longer ^^  The sticks are hard and have a fizzy/sour quality (a little like the Haribo Tangfastics sensation), but when you crunch them up they seem to create quite a bubbly feeling.  It's really difficult to describe, but I recommend them as the tastes are very true to their inspiration (it's the next best thing to drinking a nice bottle of ramune! ^^).

Of course, the Pokemon box features a big Pikachu, with smaller illustrations of the X&Y starter Pokemon - Froakie is the best :P

Have you had tried any new J-Candy recently? Let us know what your favourites are!

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