Sunday, 3 August 2014

MCM Comic Con - Manchester ^^

The weekend before Hyper Japan we nipped to Manchester to attend MCM Comic Con. It was the first Con we had ever attended and but certainly won't be our last! We bought tickets for the Saturday, including the Priority Ticket, which when the day arrived, we were truly thankful for. The day was extremely well attended despite torrential rain the whole day, and it didn't put off the cosplayers! We highly recommend getting the Priority entry if you can as we were in the hall a whole 2 hours before the general tickets were allowed in and when we left, there was still a huge queue of people waiting to get tickets.

Whilst queueing inside the arena free goodies were thrown by the event organisers to those in the queue which was a nice touch to take your mind off the sweltering heat and being soaked ^^. Once we were allowed in we passed several professional cosplayers that were there to greet you including Obi-Wan Kenobi ^^. Once inside we were quite thrown by how big it was and how many stalls were there. Seeing the queue that was outside we prioritised shopping first so we headed to the end row and worked our way from there. We were immediately greeted by loads of kawaii sellers and it didn't take long for me to find some pretty kawaii items!

The first stall I visited was Ellaroo, this was an awesome stall full of hand embellished, bespoke shoes, but what caught my eye were their hair clips!

Being a massive Pokemon fan I just had to grab these! The one on the left is Charmander and the one on the right Squirtle. They are attached to a croc clip on the back and make super Kawaii hair pieces! I highly recommend them and they were an awesome price for the amount of work and quality in each piece.

The next items we bought were these Decora bracelets. All rainbow coloured they reminded me of the bands I used to wear many years ago and when I saw them I just had to buy a few, including the awesome Lego bracelet!

Next we headed to Tokyo Toys stall, it was huge and full of Kawaii items! I bought quite a bit here including two super cute t-shirts, one Pikachu inspired and the other Totoro inspired. They are really high quality and being a pocha kawa they did larger sizes which was awesome!

I also bought a Puella Magi Madoka Magica purse which I love! It has loads of space and was very good value. I also picked up two Sailor Moon keyrings to wear at Hyper Japan! Being Decora you can't wear too much! ^^

The assistants were super friendly and even gave me a free tote bag that has the same image as the Totoro inspired t-shirt! How nice!! ^^

Next we picked up these cute t-shirts that reminded me of a super Decora lady on facebook and I just had to grab them before they sold out. They are all over prints of My Little Pony and will look awesome in my Decora style!

This one features all of the MLP characters and will go with a rainbow Decora look ^^

This has an all over pattern of Pinkie Pie which will look lovely in a pink Decora look!

This one is of Twilight Sparkle and will look really Kawaii with a purple and pink Decora look ^^

We also picked up these two plushes from the same stall as the t-shirts. They are rather large and very good quality. Next we picked up some super Kawaii Hatsune Miku figures!

These look so cute on our living room cabinet that we have just bought for our newly decorated living room! It was in need it Kawaiiing up and these have certainly done that ^^. Next we found a stall selling loads of plushes of different sizes and amongst the bundles we found this little crew of characters! From top right we have Jigglypuff next to Chansey (both are Pokemon!), then bottom right is Rainbow Dash and finally bottom left is a Kaomoji Dice which the Mr wanted to Decora up his bag ^^.

I found the next two items on a leather steampunk stall, as you can imagine they lept out at me! I think they were made by the daughter of the stall holder and were being sold at the end of all the steampunk items ^^ I was happy to be her very first buyer! I had thought about buying some cute hair scarfs the night before and found these super cuties here! Unfortunately she didn't have any business cards so I cant link through but you may find her at future MCMs with her mum!

Next we found an awesome stall called Kezly Beads I first spotted the Pokemon coasters as I thought they would look awesome in the new living room (which they do!) and then spotted the super kawaii hair clips! I bought a Pikachu, Mario Star and BMO from Adventure Time. They are so awesome ^^ we highly recommend this shop! The items are very high quality and were very good value! We will definitely be going back for more from this seller!

I also picked up a Rainbow Dash key ring from another seller as I thought it would go well as part of my Hyper Japan outfits. This was from World of 8bitCraft which I just found out are local to me!

Last but not least, being a TokiDoki fan I just had to buy these when I spotted them on the Forbidden Planet stall! The boxes round the outside are TKDK blind boxes! And the box in the middle is a Carina cactus friend! It's a cactus with rainbow coloured spikes and it is super Kawaii!

Now I'm sure you're wondering what was in the blind boxes and I can reveal them below!!

This was what was in the Donutella blind boxes!! Kawaiiiiiiiiiii!!

These were what I got in the Unicorno blind boxes!! Now I have a plan for these which I will reveal in a future post! Stay tuned for that!!

Now I have shown you all the goodies we bought I want to show you some of the awesome people I took photos of!! Being a Comic Con there were loads of awesome cosplayers and some I just had to grab a quick snap of! (after asking their permission of course!)

Here they all are!

These two awesome ladies are flying the female flag and are dressed as the very well known Marvel brothers, Thor and Loki! How awesome do they look?!

These are the awesome ladies from Tofu Cute, Super Kawaii as always!!

The guy on the left caught our eye as he is dressed as in the original costume of Hawkeye! Very well done!

This is a cosplay of a character from Minecraft! He must have been so hot in this with the weather we were having!!

Now I have to admit I'm not 100% sure who this Kawaii couple were cosplaying as so if you do then please let me know!

Being a lover of Unicorns I just had to snap this lovely lady!! SHE'S A UNICORN!! <3

A real life Hatsune Miku!!!! This was very well done!!

A very cheeky Chershire Cat!! loving the paws!

Now this lady wasn't cosplaying, she was working on a stall and I just had to snap her as she had awesome Harajuku style!!

For the geeks out there, Joffrey from Game of Thrones is alive!!!

We loved this cosplayer who was dressed as Chii from Chobits! <3 I love this series!

And as we were leaving I managed to catch a snap of this awesome Moogle!! Very imaginative!! ^^

So that was MCM Manchester! We had an awesome time and highly recommend it to anyone, and as they do events throughout the year, up and down the country, it's accessible to most people. We will be attending the November event in Birmingham as that's our local one so if you're going let me know! Tickets for the events can be found on the main MCM Comic Con website!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^


beautyinjapan said...

Oh I love all your pictures! I love the Pokemon hairbows and the coasters, the sellers are so talented to make things like that :)

Danniella x

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

Thank you Danniella! They are awesome aren't they! Wish I was half as talented as they are! X

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