Monday, 25 August 2014

Gaming Review - Tomodachi Life - Part One

Tomodachi Life is a new game recently released by Nintendo for the 3DS. The game is based on populating and building up an island inhabited by Mii's. Being big 3DS gamers we just had to grab the game and we have really enjoyed our first few weeks playing it!

I called my Island Kawaii Island and inserted my personal Mii as the first inhabitant. You can create new Miis from scratch or scan in QR codes which can be found on the internet. There are many sites with some really good creations so if you want some colourful characters on your island then have a look around the internet. You can introduce new Miis at the island's Town Hall:

This building is available from the start of the game. There are several buildings available from the start with others becoming available as you achieve certain goals in the game. Another building available at the start is your Mii apartment block:

You start with a small block and as you add more Miis your building expands. I currently have 34 Miis ranging from ones I have created, ones I have found via QR codes on blogger sites and a few official Nintendo QR coded characters.

Other buildings you can access either straight away or after completing tasks are:

An Amusement Park. Here you will find daily attractions such as a Magic Show, an evening market and it's also where your Miis can go on dates!

A Cafe, here your Miis can visit in groups where you can observe random conversations, again you can also visit on a date.

A Park, here you can see Miis go for a stroll, hold BBQs, sell goods, play Frisbee and go on dates.

An Observation Tower, here Miis can visit to go on dates or spend time relaxing.

A Beach, here Miis can go for a run, fly a kite, go on a date or go fishing.

A Port, here is where other Miis from players can visit. It is also where you can register your Island's special item that will be sent to other players' DSs via Street Pass and where you will pick up items from other Islands via Street Pass.

A Fountain, here your islanders donate money everyday for the upkeep of the island. The happier they are the more they donate!  There is also a morning food market. There are also evening activities such as Rap Battles and Word Chain competitions.

A Clothing store, here items become available every day including special seasonal items.

A Supermarket, here you can buy main meal, light meals, desserts and drinks for your Miis.

An Interiors Shop, here you can buy new looks for your Miis' apartments. Different looks become available everyday and some become available the more money you have available.

A Hat Shop, here you can purchase hats and hair clips for your Miis, new ones are available everyday.

 A Pawn Shop, here you can sell items that your Miis give you to boost your money pot.

A Campsite, here is where visiting explorers from other Islands stay during their visit. You can see them in their tents, play with them and feed and dress them to boost their levels too.

A Concert Hall, here your Miis can sing various songs in front of a screaming crowd. You can also form groups to perform.

A Photo Studio, here you can take pics of your islanders!

As your population increases the Rankings Board appears. Here you can see various rankings such as Vitality, most popular boy and girl and the most pampered. More become available over time.

The game has the feature that your Miis can become friends with other islanders. They can also become someone's special someone, and if they really get on, they can get married! As you introduce more Miis to your island the Compatibility Tester becomes available. Here you can see how much your Miis are a match and their chances of falling in love.

We have been playing the game for a few weeks now and I can say it is quite addictive! I even find myself popping on first thing in the morning to check what's happening before I head off to work. Each Mii is customisable to have various personalities, they can make friends, visit each other's apartments, go to the cafe together, head to the amusement park together, pop to the park for a BBQ. Some can even become each other's special someone, which can lead to them getting married, and even having a baby! Sometimes they break up before getting to the wedding stage, and you have to cheer them up! It's a very interactive game that awards time being spent on it. You can play games with your residents which can end in you being rewarded with an item and money, with the added benefit of boosting the Mii's happiness level!

As I have played it quite a bit I have lots to show you and rather than bundling it all into one post I thought it would be better to do several posts, introducing you to the game, seeing what activites can be done, and then showing you what's happened on Kawaii Island so far ^^. So if you liked today's post them pop back in the week to check out my next two posts.

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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