Sunday, 31 August 2014

Gaming Review - Tomodachi Life - Part Three ^^

Today's my last post on Tomodachi Life on the Nintendo 3DS.

If you have been by over the last week you will have seen my last two posts, showing what the game is and what you can do, and today I'm just going to show you what I have done in the game so far. I have been playing for a month now and have 34 Miis. Some I have created myself and some I have downloaded via QR codes from the Internet. Both me and the Mr are in the game as well as our cat Humbug ^^.

So far there have been a few weddings, a couple of babies, several breakups and the odd fall outs.The Mr and I met, became friends, then each other's special someones and then eventually:

And guess what my Mii said:

^^ As soon an my Mii said yes we had our wedding!!

It all happened very quickly but I managed to snap a few pics! And once we were married we jetted off on our honeymoon, which was in China!!

 Squeeee we saw a Panda! Just like we saw one on our real life honeymoon!!

Once we got back on our honeymoon we settled down in our joint home in the Mii Homes area for married couples. And in no time at all two became three!!!

This is baby Erin. She is a baby girl. You can change her look, name and personality but for the first one I went with what the game gave me.

Here's the Mr pulling faces at the baby. 

Over a few days you have to take good care of the baby, making it happy when it's crying and doing the odd baby sitting for the Miis. Then once they are fully grown, you can either keep your child on the island or you can send them out via the streetpass to explore the world. I chose to send this one out and she has sent back letters about where she has visited!

Once their child has left home, couples stay living in their shared home but do pop back to their own apartments, visiting other Miis, being visited in their own apartments and even having visitors to their house:

I won't show you all of the weddings and babies that have happened on my Island but there has been a few. Some I have sent the children out and others I have kept as residents on the Island. They can then make friends and become someone else's special someone!

So, I have quite a few Miis which means there's lots of socialising going on which can be quite amusing to watch. I have a few characters you might recognise, including Hatsune Miku and Hello Kitty. For any Game of Thrones fans I have also created The Hound and Arya Stark! I have also downloaded Christina Aguilera and Shaq from the Nintendo site.

Here's a peek at what some of the Miis have been getting up to!

One of my Miis performing a song with some Island residents as back up dancers ^^

Hatsune Miku dancing to some music ^^

A girls night in listening to some music!

 The Mr and I having dinner ^^

Hello Kitty playing with her dog ^^

A couple of Miis keeping fit ^^

When your Island reaches a certain amount of residents you unlock Judgement Bay on the beach, so today I thought I would see what my Islanders prefer; Decora or Lolita. Here's what they think!

A resounding vote for Decora!!!

So if you have seen my Facebook or Twitter you will have seen my Happy Birthday Hatsune Miku pic as today is her birthday!! And it was on Kawaii Island as well! Here is some of the Islanders singing Happy Birthday to her!!

Well that's some of what I have been getting up to over the last month! I'm sure more will happen as my Miis make more friends! On a whole I really enjoy playing the game and think there are loads of Kawaii things you can do on it. If you like the kind of games where you build up characters and pop on everyday then you will enjoy this!

I hope you have enjoyed the three part posts on Tomodachi Life; if you haven't read them yet then make sure you read Part One and Part Two!

Catch you later Kawaiisters and Happy Birthday Hatsune Miku!! ^^

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Gaming Review - Tomodachi Life - Part Two

So Part One of my Tomodachi Life Review showed you what the game looks like, today I'm going to show you how the game works. So to start with you have your own Mii on the game. You are given an apartment within the Mii Apartment block. This is where any Miis you either create or scan into the game first live. Below is a pic of my apartment block at the moment. It starts off slightly smaller than this one and as you introduce more Miis your block gets bigger to house them.

From the pic you can see several bubbles showing over a few of the apartments. They all have different meanings in order for you to interact with your Miis. The black symbol is an indication that there is a problem with your Mii that you need to sort; this can mean they are hungry, they want a bath, they want new clothes, a new apartment, a new hat or they may be ill. When you enter an apartment you find your Mii:

This is my Mii. When you get to this point you and click on the speech bubble the Mii will tell you what they want. The more you make them happy the higher their level rises. On the left of the pic you can see several icons, these represent what you can give your Mii and they are clothes, a new apartment look, a new saying or a song, The present icon at the top also allows you to give them something new.

While in the apartment you will also see the screen below which shows you info on your Mii.

Here you will see my happiness level which is 36. On the left you will see a list showing Really Loves/Loves, Likes and Dislikes/Really Dislikes. This is in reference to what food your Mii likes. Every time you go up a level you can give your Mii a present, this can either be a saying, outfit, apartment look, item or pocket money. If you give them an item it appears in the list at the bottom right of the screen above. You can give them up to 8 items then once they have 8 if you wish to give them something new you will need to swap out something they already have. Above you can also see my stomach, which as you may have guessed shows you how full your Mii is. And below that is a list of who my husband in the game in and my best friend. You do not pick this, it's something that just happens in the game.

While in an apartment you can also see the next screen which shows you how your Mii gets on with the other Islanders:

Miis can become friends and if you really get on, you can become someones special someone. This happens before you get married (yes, miis can get married!). Although you can become someones special friend and then break up! I have also read then you can even get divorced in the game although no one has done that in mine so far.

Now going back to the pic of the Miis' Apartments, the orange bubble can mean that your Mii has fallen out with someone, that they want to make friends with someone, or want to introduce someone to another Mii. The green bubble is an indicator that the mii wants to play with you. There are several games that you can play with your Miis including catch, match, pixel item quiz, mii fact quiz, shadow item quiz, zoom item quiz and wrestling.

They are very simple and quick games to play. If you win the game then you are presented with three boxes; small, medium and large.

Once you pick one you win the item in the box which you can either keep or sell at the pawn shop for funds. If you lose the game then your Mii presents you with either a box of tissues or a roll of toilet roll. Again you can sell these to help build up funds.

The pink bubble with a heart means that the Mii wants to be someones special someone, or if they are already that, then they may want to propose, or if they are already married then they may have decided that they want a baby!!! These stages don't all happen on their own, if someone has decided to propose then they will need your help! The two Miis will appear together and as the one that wants to propose asks questions you need to keep an eye out for what they other Mii is thinking about. When you see them thinking of the other Mii then you need to click on the heart on the bottom screen. It's all about the right timing, the mii needs to be thinking about them in order to say yes. You will need to do this a few times in order to get a successful proposal.

If you get a yes then your Miis will have a wedding and move into a Mii Home together! They still keep their own apartments that they will come and go from but they will live together in the Mii Home. Ill show you a bit more of the Homes in my next post when I show you where I am in the game!

So there are loads of activities that the Islanders can take part in across the island. Some you interact with and some you can just watch. The park has various activities that you can take part in that are scheduled throughout the day:

The flying disc you can throw a frisbee to several Miis, the market is where you can buy an item of clothing at a reduced rate for one day only, the BBQ you can also interact with and the photo shoot is taking pics of you via the 3DS camera ^^.

When you visit the cafe you can come across groups of either boys or girls having a chat. You don't interact but they do say some of the most random things!!

The Amusement Park also has several activities:

The Magic Show includes a few of your Miis participating in the show and does include a bit of interaction.

The Tomodachi Quest is an old school arcade game activity in which several of your Miis fight random enemies which can be as random as a cheeseburger or a teddy bear!

The market is also a good place to pick up items as for 50 coins you get three random items, they can be food, clothing or even apartment styles!

The Fountain is another good place to visit throughout the day. There is a morning market by the fountain, here you can get a random food item. On an evening you can visit to watch your Miis Rap Battling or Word Chain Battling!

The last activity I'm going to tell you about is the Concert Hall. Here you can either sing a solo with a chosen Mii or have a Group Song!! You can give your Mii songs as they go up levels which they can then sing at the concert hall. You can give them Rap, Pop, Heavy Metal to name a few.

Here is me and the Mr rocking out!

These are all just a few of the things you can do in the game, I could keep typing all day telling you all the other bits and pieces you can do! ^^ Tomorrow I will post showing you some of the things I have done in the game so far, including a wedding!! ^^ so make sure you pop by for it!

Catch you late Kawaiisters!! ^^

Monday, 25 August 2014

Gaming Review - Tomodachi Life - Part One

Tomodachi Life is a new game recently released by Nintendo for the 3DS. The game is based on populating and building up an island inhabited by Mii's. Being big 3DS gamers we just had to grab the game and we have really enjoyed our first few weeks playing it!

I called my Island Kawaii Island and inserted my personal Mii as the first inhabitant. You can create new Miis from scratch or scan in QR codes which can be found on the internet. There are many sites with some really good creations so if you want some colourful characters on your island then have a look around the internet. You can introduce new Miis at the island's Town Hall:

This building is available from the start of the game. There are several buildings available from the start with others becoming available as you achieve certain goals in the game. Another building available at the start is your Mii apartment block:

You start with a small block and as you add more Miis your building expands. I currently have 34 Miis ranging from ones I have created, ones I have found via QR codes on blogger sites and a few official Nintendo QR coded characters.

Other buildings you can access either straight away or after completing tasks are:

An Amusement Park. Here you will find daily attractions such as a Magic Show, an evening market and it's also where your Miis can go on dates!

A Cafe, here your Miis can visit in groups where you can observe random conversations, again you can also visit on a date.

A Park, here you can see Miis go for a stroll, hold BBQs, sell goods, play Frisbee and go on dates.

An Observation Tower, here Miis can visit to go on dates or spend time relaxing.

A Beach, here Miis can go for a run, fly a kite, go on a date or go fishing.

A Port, here is where other Miis from players can visit. It is also where you can register your Island's special item that will be sent to other players' DSs via Street Pass and where you will pick up items from other Islands via Street Pass.

A Fountain, here your islanders donate money everyday for the upkeep of the island. The happier they are the more they donate!  There is also a morning food market. There are also evening activities such as Rap Battles and Word Chain competitions.

A Clothing store, here items become available every day including special seasonal items.

A Supermarket, here you can buy main meal, light meals, desserts and drinks for your Miis.

An Interiors Shop, here you can buy new looks for your Miis' apartments. Different looks become available everyday and some become available the more money you have available.

A Hat Shop, here you can purchase hats and hair clips for your Miis, new ones are available everyday.

 A Pawn Shop, here you can sell items that your Miis give you to boost your money pot.

A Campsite, here is where visiting explorers from other Islands stay during their visit. You can see them in their tents, play with them and feed and dress them to boost their levels too.

A Concert Hall, here your Miis can sing various songs in front of a screaming crowd. You can also form groups to perform.

A Photo Studio, here you can take pics of your islanders!

As your population increases the Rankings Board appears. Here you can see various rankings such as Vitality, most popular boy and girl and the most pampered. More become available over time.

The game has the feature that your Miis can become friends with other islanders. They can also become someone's special someone, and if they really get on, they can get married! As you introduce more Miis to your island the Compatibility Tester becomes available. Here you can see how much your Miis are a match and their chances of falling in love.

We have been playing the game for a few weeks now and I can say it is quite addictive! I even find myself popping on first thing in the morning to check what's happening before I head off to work. Each Mii is customisable to have various personalities, they can make friends, visit each other's apartments, go to the cafe together, head to the amusement park together, pop to the park for a BBQ. Some can even become each other's special someone, which can lead to them getting married, and even having a baby! Sometimes they break up before getting to the wedding stage, and you have to cheer them up! It's a very interactive game that awards time being spent on it. You can play games with your residents which can end in you being rewarded with an item and money, with the added benefit of boosting the Mii's happiness level!

As I have played it quite a bit I have lots to show you and rather than bundling it all into one post I thought it would be better to do several posts, introducing you to the game, seeing what activites can be done, and then showing you what's happened on Kawaii Island so far ^^. So if you liked today's post them pop back in the week to check out my next two posts.

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^