Sunday, 6 July 2014

Seller Review - Caffe Chino

Today I would like to introduce you to a beautiful cafe called Caffe Chino. Caffe Chino is based in the Arcadian Centre in Birmingham City Centre and is known for its luxurious bespoke cakes and drinks.

The shop is easily recognisable from the green tables and chairs sitting outside which match the shops sign and decor. Once inside you are greeted by the very friendly waitresses and the beautiful furniture and cakes on offer.

They have a wide range of elegant cakes, so it can be quite hard to decide on which one to have! They all looked so beautiful and sounded amazing! Being in a Ichigo mood I chose the Strawberry cake slice and a Strawberry milkshake.

It looked too nice to eat! Just like something you would find on a ring or hair clip on the Takeshita Dori! ^^ It tasted beauitful and I highly recommend it, the milkshake was also delicious! Mr opted for a Japanese Cheesecake and English tea.

Mr says it was very light, subtly flavoured and was perfect for a shopping break! While enjoying our cakes and drinks we sat admiring the beautiful surroundings. The ceiling was particularly eye catching, incorporating all of the cafe's colours:

This also appears on the cafe's cake boxes:

The light fittings and wall fixtures all oozed elegance:

The cafe has a huge range of drinks available from normal Tea and Coffee to Bubble Tea and Ramune. When you enter the Cafe you can see the full range of drinks on the boards at the back of the counters:

Even the lights dangling above the counter area were beautiful little white bird cages.

As well as items you could eat in, there was a wide range of pastries available for you to take away. Along the centre of the shop there were cabinets full of sweet and savoury pastries, of course, the Mr just had to pick a few to try at home! ^^

After much deliberation, here is what the Mr brought home to sample!

This is a Pandan Cake, it was a square sponge coloured green and flavoured with the Pandan Leaf and is a popular cake from South East Asia. This got the thumbs up from the Mr and was very light. It came in two triangular pieces which made it easy to share ^^

Next a custard pastry, which the Mr loved!! He said it tasted like a custard donut but was very light! This he says was his favourite from what we brought home <3

The next item we brought home was Green Tea and Red Bean Bun.

This was quite a large bun with a green tea topping and red bean filling. This was a very classically flavoured item.

This was a Swiss Roll slice with a sweet cream filling. Again it was very light and very tasty. Another recommended buy!

Following our visit we highly recommend you visit Caffe Chino! It's not far from the Bullring and New Street Station. It had a wide range of customers visiting the shop so don't feel intimidated to pop in as the staff are very friendly and helpful. The prices are also more than reasonable, the tea, milkshake, Japanese cheesecake and strawberry cake slice came to less than £10 which is much more reasonable compared to popular High street Coffee Shops, and was an awful lot nicer!!!! The items we bought to bring home cost less than £5 for all four items and were of equal quality to pastries you would buy from the food hall in Selfridges.

On a whole, if you are shopping in Birmingham and want somewhere to rest your feet then pop into Caffe Chino!! It's where we will be stopping off in from now on!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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