Monday, 14 July 2014

Mr Takeover - Snack time!

Hello Kawaiisters!

Mr here, with another takeover blog post! This time I'm going to tell you about the best way to get Japanese snacks in the UK easily and cheaply.  We live near to Birmingham, which, likes lots of big cities in the UK, has a Chinese Quarter.  Of course, you don't need to have a whole section of your city, any Chinese supermarket or grocery store is a good place to look for lots of kawaii and delicious snacks!

We popped into our nearest Chinese supermarket (Day In Supermarket in Birmingham City Centre) to have a look around, as well as the various flavours of instant ramen and all sorts of ingredients and equipment for cooking East Asian cuisine, this supermarket has a great snack aisle! (which is my favourite part of the shop! ^^).

Of course, there is the ultra-famous Pocky! This time the shop had Milk and Choco-Banana flavours - Choco-Banana is my favourite Pocky flavour of all time!  The shop also had similar snacks like Pepero and the savoury Pretz sticks.

Another snack brand you will often find in Chinese food stores is Koala no March.  These super-kawaii little biscuits have a tasty filling and each features an illustration of a koala - sometimes dressed in a costume, sometimes playing a game or playing an instrument.  We got the strawberry filled variety and the cocoa-biscuit type with a milky filling.  The chocolate filled and strawberry filled are the most commonly found type of Koala no March in the UK.

There are a variety of Oreo based snacks available in Japan, including Toppo-like stick snacks and strawberry-milk coated mini Oreo bars.  In this supermarket they had some special fruity Oreos!

There are raspberry and blueberry (top), orange and mango (middle) and peach and grape (bottom) varieties.  The packaging is really eye-catching but you can still tell straight away these are Oreo without reading the small print!

Other popular brands you can sometimes find in Chinese shops include Hi-Chew, Toppo, White Rabbit and Meiji Chocolate.  You can also sometimes find Pocari Sweat and ramune.

I know it is possible to buy Japanese snacks and J-Candy from various online stores, but often Chinese foodstores have the best prices and you never know what you will find!  I really recommend visiting one when you can!

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