Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hyper Japan! Day Two ^^

We have left Hyper Japan a little early today to allow me to do a quick blog post before shooting over to the JPU Records After Party which will be headlined by Broken Doll! We did a bit more shopping today but I will save that post for tomorrow; today I wanted to show you some of the awesome fashions and people attending the event! Now I love Kawaii and Kawaii fashions, but if you have ever been to Harajuku and walked down the famous Takeshita Dori you will know that Kawaii is just one of many styles gracing the street! So today I was a hunter! A fashion hunter! Dashing all over the place snapping (after asking of course!) some awesome styles and outfits! And here are my favourites!

This is an awesome Totoro outfit that I spotted early on in the day, how awesome is she!

This is a sweet lolita I spotted while purchasing an alpacasso ^^

A couple more lolitas I spotted!

This young lady is dressed in the full outfit worn by Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu in her awesome video Pon Pon Pon!! ^^

This lovely lady was dressed with some dark decora! I love decora!!

After spotting her awesome cherry head piece I just had to ask for a snap!

This is a very smiley lolita who said she liked my hair bow ^^

An awesome cosplayer!

A Shironuri!! Just like the awesome Minori!! ^^

This awesome little girl is dressed as Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu!! She rocks!! Her name is Scarlette, you can find her on Instagram at Scarlette6 ^^

A Sailor Moon cosplayer!!! How super Kawaii! ^^

Very 1950's! I love it! Hints of Rockabilly!

This was an awesome couple I found, very brightly dressed, she even has Hello Kitty on her corset! And he is very cyber gothy!

Shout out to Euqinom7! She is a blogger too! I found her snapping a lolita and just had to snap her! She looks awesome in her Mickey Mouse inspired outfit!

This is another awesome couple! He is very visual kei looking and she has an awesome Pokemon dress on!

A super Kawaii lady! I loved the colour pallete in this outfit!

Loving the sailor vibe from this lady's dress! Super stylish!

I loved this lady's outfit ** she had some awesome tattoos too ^^

If you see yourself here and want me to link through to you on FB or Twitter or you have a blog/website then let me know!!

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