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Hyper Japan! Day Three Part Two ^^

OK here is my places and people post from days two and three of Hyper Japan! There was loads of super Kawaii stalls and super Kawaii and awesome people! As I said in yesteday's post, Harajuku boasts many fashion styles on its streets and being a massive fan of J-fashion on a whole, I ran round both yesterday and today snapping awesomely dressed people!

To start here are my snaps of the kawaii stalls that were present and the odd activity ^^

This is Dreamy Bows, it had tonnes of super Kawaii and Lolita items for sale. 

This is the actual costume worn by Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu in her video Pon Pon Pon!

The stall above and below is Artbox, they sell loads of kawaii items and had an awesome display including a Rilakkuma sofa and bike!

 This is YY Kawaii, they do some awesome custom decoden phone cases, I reviewed one I purchased a few months ago, I highly recommend them!

 This is an awesome Totoro cosplay by Vcosplay! He was HUGE and SUPER KAWAII!!

This is a super cute mascot I spotted in the Hyper Food area. I love mascots! <3


 The Mr and I with Domo-kun!!

 The stage in the Hyper Kawaii area was branded by Moshi Moshi Nippon!

 SPINNS!! This is an awesome shop, there are several of them in Harajuku and they have some awesome items including some Sailor Moon!

 PACMAN!!! Nom Nom Nom

tofu cute filled with awesome kawaii snacks!! 

 The Japan Centre had a stall too, they sold Japanese snacks and the Mr's favourite, Melon Pan!!

This was an awesome traditional Japanese stall selling a huge array of items including clothing, accessories and fans. 

The awesome ladies from Twobadbananas! They had loads of super kawaii items!

The awesome Cherry Abuku! I may have to check these out online too!

The lovely Lovejojo and her army of Alpacassos! This is where I bought mine!

 tofu cute's accessory stall!

Cutesy Kink's stall full of Loli items!

This is the Okinawa Kawaii official mascot Shi-mokopi! He was created by the awesome Sebastian Masuda who is the creator of 6%DokiDoki and designer to Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu (including designing the set of her video Pon Pon Pon)

This was the Bandai Namco area where you could play games! Check out the huge Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece!

So that was the places, time for the people! Here are the awesome folks that let me snap their styles!

Spotted this lady in Hyper Kawaii, I loved her Kawaii - Street style! and love the pose!

 This was an awesome assistant at the Moshi Moshi Nippon stand, she had awesome style!

Pastel Kawaii style! 

I just loved the colour of this ladies dress, she looked super kawaii in it!

Some awesome cosplayers! 

A super smiley styler! I love her hair colour, especially teamed with the yellow! <3

Another Totoro inspired outfit! This is super creative ^^

I love her style, the hat, polka dot dress, the shoes all look awesome together!

Caught this lady dashing through the crowds, loved her style, very Harajuku!

This lady's top caught my eye, gotta love Hello Kitty and this top is awesome!

School Girl! Very Harajuku!!!!

Loved this gothic look and the tights make it super Kawaii! ^^

These were two young lady DJs, we loved them! If you know who they are please leave a comment!

Well that's all I have for day three! Hope you enjoyed my Hyper Japan posts, feel free to like my facebook page to keep up to date with Kawaii! And if you see yourself on this or any of my other posts and want me to mention or link through to you on your blog/FB/Twitter or Instagram!

Catch you next year!! ^^

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