Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hyper Japan! Day Three Part One ^^

So I mentioned in yesterday's post that we had done a bit more shopping at Hyper Japan and that I would let you see what we got today! As we have been at the event all day today I am doing two posts today; part one will be about the shopping and part two will be about what was at the event and who! So make sure you check that post out too!

So, we found a few more gems on our second and third days at the event; we managed to squeeze our way up to some stalls that we didn't get a good look at on the first day so we came across a few more bits we just had to grab!

First let me introduce you to two new members of the family! Here is my new ultra Kawaii Sweets Alpacasso that I picked up from Lovejojo! I bought a little Alpacasso back pack on day one and just had to pop back for this awesome gem! We haven't named him yet so if you have any thoughts leave us a comment!

Our second new member is a super Kawaii rabbit that the Mr bought me as I have been begging for a bunny for ages. So till we can get a real one, this one will keep me company! I'm still considering names for him ^^ The Mr picked this up from Kekiko!

Next are a few more Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu items I picked up from JP Books. The first pic is of two Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Mameshiba plush charms that are super cute!

The next pic is an iphone case and two packs of Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu material which I can't wait to make awesome items out of! ^^

I popped to the Moshi Moshi Nippon stand and picked some super Kawaii bargains! These were all reduced today so I picked up 2 Harajuku Kawaii shirts, a Harajuku Kawaii tote bag and a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Mameshiba cappy! The shirts were only £5 each and the tote and cappy were just a pound each!!! ^^

Having bought an awesome made to order phone case from them before, I just had to stop by YY Kawaii! Here I picked up a Totoro plush charm, a Hello Kitty phone charger, a Chibiusa charm and a Sailor Moon phone case!! How super Kawaii!!! ^^

Next was Two Bad Bananas!! These are two awesome ladies who were super friendly! Here I bought a biscuit ring, a Rainbow Brite ring and a tooth ring! They are so Kawaii!! Make sure you check them out!

Then we popped back to Cutesy Kink where I found Kuromi and My Melody plushes from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica collaboration!

I found this awesome tote on a stall called Cherry Abuku I love the battenburg design and when I saw it I just had to grab the last one!

Being big fans of Japanese snacks we had to stop by Tofocute. Here I picked up a Strawberry Pocky tote!

And some Dessert Fashion Nails, a Strawberry and Chocolate Cupcake charm, a Blue and White Slushie charm and a Strawberry Glazed Donut compact mirror charm ^^ The Mr will be doing a takeover very soon to tell you all about the snacks we picked up!

I popped back to Broken Doll and picked up a few more bits, a Broken Doll Logo ring and a Kawaii Ghost ring! Make sure you check them out online they have loads of Kawaii items and Kensuke is super friendly! To see a few more bits check out Hyper Japan! Day One ^^

Being big gaming fans we picked up a few gaming items, including some Yoshi plush slippers and a
Roronoa Zoro fan for the Mr.

And being super Pokemon fans the Mr couldn't resist adding to our Pokemon gaming set with this lot from Card Empire! There's Pokemon decks, boosters and singles - including lots of cute Fairy-type cards! ^^

We had an awesome time shopping at all of the awesome stalls at the event. All of the sellers I have featured on both Day One and Day Three I highly recommend! And remember none of them know I'm a blogger so these reviews are completely unbiased and are all items I have purchased!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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