Friday, 25 July 2014

Hyper Japan! Day One ^^

So today was day one of the Hyper Japan event in London. It's a three day event that started from 12pm today! After much deliberation we started the event wearing Pokemon themed outfits! What do you think? We got lots of nods and smiles from people ^^

So today we concentrated on shopping! As many sellers I knew were attending and selling items I was dying to get we thought that we would make sure we got all our shopping on day one (so we didn't miss out on what we wanted ^^). I can report that it was an extremely successful trip with everything on our shopping list being available (and a few bits more!). When we were let in at 12pm we headed straight for the Fringe Market to see Broken Doll! They were selling loads of awesome items including a limited edition CD which was only available at the event, and there was only 200. So here is what I picked up from Broken Doll!

Here is a Switch ring, a Little Twin Stars ring and a Kawaii Teeth necklace and earring set ^^. And below is the Special UK Tour Edition CD - Kawaii Rock Anthems which we managed to be the first to buy!

Ken the guitarist even autographed our postcard for us!

I also picked up one of their very popular heart on/off switch rings! I just had to get this and I think I will have to pop back and grab myself a matching necklace tomorrow!

From there we did a tour of the other stalls at the Fringe Market and I managed to find some awesome gems!

Glitterbomb was another stall I wanted to visit with a mini shopping list and thanks to getting in quick I managed to pick up a iridescent Unicorn necklace and earring set, a Pow! ring and a super Kawaii Rabbit and Carrot necklace! These are super awesome quality!

I found some super Kawaii handmade bows on a stall called Tanabata and a Rainbow Dash necklace! The bows are a Stitch bow, Cinnamonroll bow, Sailor Moon bow and a Maximum Heart Pretty Cure bow. These were super awesomely priced so I highly recommend visiting them!

This lovely Hello Kitty ring caught my eye on a stall called Solly Dolly, they had some other lovely pieces so I may have to pop back here too!

Now these were definitely on my shopping list! A cupcake and a Rilakkuma Cream Bun ring from 8th Sin. They come on adjustable rings so will fit all sizes!

Today I wore a Pikachu bag on my trousers so I could access my phone etc easily and when I saw this I thought this would do nicely for tomorrow! It's a mini Alpacasso back pack! How Kawaii?! I got this from Lovejojo.

Here's the back of it! Next I found this super Kawaii dress on a stall called Cutsey Kink, and at £10 it was a bargain!

This stall even asked me to enter their prize draw for some super Kawaii items! Fingers crossed!!

For a long time now the Mr and I have ummed and arred over getting one of these and after seeing the price we snapped on up! This is a Fujifilm INSTAX mini 8 in blue! They are like more modern versions of Polaroids. They print the pic out the top of the camera and is super awesome quality! The bottom right is a pic of me that was taken by Yura (a gothic model that was used to promote the camera). During a promo on the Kawaii stage she walked round taking pics of people and I was one of the lucky ones to get picked!

And you can't visit a Kawaii event without some Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu! This is a brand associated with the awesome Kawaii Idol and is a collaboration between Mameshiba and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu which features five Mameshiba to fit with her style! Luckily they were still selling cases for the iphone 4 so I could grab one! We also picked up her new album - Pika Pika Fantajin! ^^

Not forgetting the Mr, here is what he bought!

These are some Pokemon Trading card game packs which we love playing! he said he may pop back and grab some more tomorrow! YEY!

He also picked us up a copy of the Tomodachi Life game which was on special offer if you could show the Nintendo stall your DS! So if you're planning on going over the weekend make sure you have yours on you!

Well that's most of the shopping done! Tomorrow I will report back on more of the stage events and costumes people will have worn! If you are going tomorrow and you see us, say hi! ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

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