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Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! ^^

Regardless of what your style is, your look won't be complete without the right shoes! I find here in the UK that many people put so much effort into a look and then when you look down, they forgot all about their shoes! This cannot be said for Tokyo, when you stroll down the Takeshita Dori everyone you come into contact with has completely thought out their outfit, from the top of their head to the soles of their feet! I am a huge lover of shoes, all types of shoes too. From trainers to skate shoes, to platforms and flats; shoes can really pull your outfit off so I thought today I would show you some of mine.

First I will show you some of the shoes I wear for work. I work in an ordinary office and therefore it can be hard to show off your style, especially when it's not part of the mainstream fashions. I generally wear flat shoes to work as they are more comfortable getting to and from work. But flats don't mean boring! A pair of shoes I picked up last year helps show off my Kawaii side:

This is a pair of Patent black Dr Marten Mary-Janes. They come with detachable bows which you can slide on and off the strap. This pair shows some white bows with black polka dots and are absolutely adorable! They are very comfortable and help keep me kawaii while at work.

This is a side pic of the shoes so you can see the strap. The best thing about these shoes is they came with two sets of bows!!

If you don't want to stand out as much at work then you can opt to wear the all black bows which are very easy to change. The bows come with an elastic band at the back which you just slip onto the strap! Here is a side pic of the black bows:

You could, if you really wanted to wear one of each bow! They are quite large and make quite a statement. You could probably use them on other strapped shoes as well!

Another pair of shoes I have worn to work are these Lolita strappy shoes.

I really adore Lolita fashion despite being more of a Decora girl and these shoes were perfect for work. I bought them from an online store called Minky Shop. They are an online fashion retailer selling Japanese fashion brands such as Angelic Pretty. I love the height these shoes give you along with comfort which you cannot always get with wearing standard stiletto's. And being 5ft 4in, they made me feel like a giant!


The soles are 2.5 inches high at the front and 4 inches at the back and they are secured via clip on straps. Despite the height they are very easy to walk in and got a lot of comments from people I knew. 

The shoes I wear most to work are platforms from a brand called Swear. They are an old brand that were very popular on the alternative scene around 10 years ago. I could not find a website for them anymore but you can get second hand pairs on places like eBay. I found this pair in a charity shop, they had been worn once! 

Well their loss was my gain and I got these for £10!! They are extremely comfortable and remind me so much of the shoes you see many Japanese girls wearing around Harajuku. They may not be as high as some of the ones I have seen, but for the fashions in the UK they are quite tall!

They measure 2.25 inches at the back and 2 inches at the front. They fit so well I have even ran for the bus in these!!

So, that's my work shoes! Now onto the fun part, my play shoes! Now like I said I am more of a Decora style and therefore like lots of colours and in order to wear all my different outfits I need a range of coloured shoes. I must stress this is just a few of my collection that I have built up over a long time (around 10 years!) I'm lucky enough to also fit into kids sizes so that opens the options out for more Kawaii shoes.

So firstly here are some Skater trainers that I own. Skater trainers come in many colours nowadays and are very comfortable when going on long walks, like strolling round Harajuku all day!

These are DC branded skater shoes and as you can see are primarily white with pink. I had to buy these once I saw the Sakura patter down the side, but the best is at the rear of the shoe!

The shoe has an awesome Anime style woman on the back with her pink hair flowing towards the front of the show and Sakura Blossoms in her hair. I bought these last summer and haven't worn them yet but think I will be taking them on my holiday this year!

Converse/canvas shoes are another range that come in a wide range of colours and patterns. This is a pair I picked up late last summer. They are Thundercat pumps that are mainly orange with details of grey and yellow. I was born in the 80's so the Thundercats was a cartoon I watched as a kid and these brought back memories when I spotted them! They give my another option during the summer when wearing citrusy colours. 

This is another pair of Converse. They are multi coloured leopard print baseball boots. These were hiding in a shop called Footasylum. This is a quirky fashion store but well worth the scout when your out looking for something a little off the wall/different.  The colours are very bright and very fashionable in Harajuku at the moment. When we were there in February we saw lots of people wearing neon colours and animal print so these fit right in at the moment!

Now, my Mr bought me these after we got back from Tokyo as I had picked up a fascination with Little Twin Stars while we were there!

This is a pair of high topped trainers in baby pink and baby blue. At the top of the tongue you can see Kiki and Lala facing each other. These have to be THE most Kawaii and adorable shoes I have ever owned!! I don't know whether I should wear them or put them on display in my living room as I love them so much!

Here is a pic from the side so you can see the distribution of colours over the whole shoe. The trainers also came with the option of lacing them up with ribbon laces which I have yet to experiment with, when I do ill Tweet a pic! 

For those into darker Kawaii here is an awesome pair of Emily the Strange boots I have that go awesome with a nice denim or black skirt.

These Emily the Strange boots go quite high up my calf and can be laced up as far or as low as you like. The main part of the boot shows one of Emily's cats waiting to catch a spider. These are very high quality and have lasted me years! They are highly detailed, as with all of her brand's items which you can see from the detail along the edge of the sole in the pic below:

So, that's my lot for today. Which were your favourites from the pics above? What styles of shoe do you like to wear most?

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

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