Sunday, 29 June 2014

Seller Review - Fangirly Storm!

I have been waiting what seems like an eternity to do this blog post!! I love hair bows and a few weeks ago I was on Etsy (<3) scouting out some new bows for the upcoming Hyper Japan event in London at the end of July. There are many great items on Etsy but what I found was Super Kawaii and Super Awesome! I came across a seller called Fangirly Storm and I fell in love!

This has to be the best seller of bows I have ever come across and I just had to buy some (lots) ^^. The seller was super friendly and kept in contact regarding shipping and let me know when the items had been sent, including tracking numbers. So when I got my email to say they were on the way I couldn't help but check the post every day!!!

Fangirly Storm had loads of super kawaii items, including earrings and necklaces, but I hit up the bows as I just couldn't chance them selling out or disappearing!! So....without delaying any further, this is what I got!!

First, here are the Pokemon bows I ordered!!

 Here is a Squirtle bow which has his face on one side of the bow and his shell on the other!

Here is a Bulbasaur bow which is designed like the Squirtle bow above, his face is on one side and his back is on the other. It's a really clever way of showing the whole Pokemon on the bow and I think is an awesome statement!

This bow shows the evolution of the icon that is Pikachu! You can't beat a Pikachu bow and this one shows all the stages of his life! An awesome touch is the illustration on the side of the bow envelope (next to the bow). 

This is a super kawaii bow that is black with white stars all over and in the top right you can see two Eevee evolutions, Umbreon and Espeon. 
The last pack of Pokemon bows I picked was a two pack! 

The bow on the left is decorated with pixelated Pokeballs which I love, it came in a two pack with the bow on the right which is decorated with all of the evolutions of Eevee! As it has quite a few colours on I could wear this in a colourful Decora look or tie it in to a single coloured outfit making this the centre piece!

The next selection of bows that I bought are character bows which are super Kawaii and will fit into lots of different outfits!!

Here is an Animal Crossing bow, decorated with Animal Crossing icons like the leaf and fruits that you can collect in the game! It come in a Tom Nook decorated envelope which is super Kawaii and will look adorable on display!

This bow is pink and decorated with Moogles which is a small character from the Final Fantasy game franchise. Again, it came in a super Kawaii envelope which is just as Kawaii as the bow!!

This a a Gloomy Bear bow which shows various sized Gloomys on a white bow.

Now you have to recognise this one! It's a Totoro bow!! Similar to the Gloomy Bear bow, Totoro is displayed on a white bow and again, comes in a super Kawaii envelope! I can't wait to wear this bow whilst wearing my large Totoro bag during the summer months!

This is a super Kawaii Kero-Chan bow with Kero-Chan and fruit/cake decorations! This is a gorgeous bow and can't wait to wear it. This one may have to come to Hyper Japan with me!

This is a Korilakkuma bow, it has mini Korilakkumas on it with mini pink hearts that match the pink ribbon tied round the centre. 

This is SUPER KAWAII!! It is of course a Nyan cat bow!! Now this I will have to wear with my Nyan cat t-shirt for mega Kawaiiness!! And I love the envelope it came in, it all added to the quality of the products inside!

Last but certainly not least, here are the Sailor Moon bows I picked!

This is a beautiful black bow with small white stars and Sailor Moon sitting on the moon in the top right corner of the bow! This is adorable and definitely a must if you are a Sailor Moon fan!

This is a Luna and Artemis hair bow from Sailor Moon! This is again, Super Kawaii and will look awesome in any outfit!

Well that is everything I got! I can't praise this seller ENOUGH!! I have bought a LOT of items from DIY sellers online but this may just be the BEST. All the fabric is hand made by the seller, they come sized 3.5-4 inches wide, on a choice of being attached to an alligator clip or a bow tie with an attached bar pin. There is a 4-6 week waiting period, but to be honest, it is more than worth the wait! I am super happy with my bows, they are of an incredible quality, all coming in a special handmade envelope which keeps them safe and are kawaii enough to keep them on display. The items came very well packaged in bubblewrap and the shipping (as it's a US based seller) was more than fair! 

There are loads more items available on their Etsy store, which I have to admit, I may even have to buy myself! ^^ 

I can confirm that this review is completely independent and all items shown were purchased without the seller knowing I was going to blog about them!

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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