Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mr Takeover - Kawaii Gaming

Hello Kawaiisters!

We love kawaii and we love gaming, so it's no surprise that we have tried to make sure our 3DSs are kawaii (and cool!). Here are my (blue one) and Pinkuiro Pixie's (white) 3DS XLs.  Mine is the Fire Emblem edition and features a cool crest from that game.  Pinkuiro Pixie's is the Animal Crossing New Leaf version and is covered in kawaii little icons from the game such as apples and the Nook leaf.

Of course, we needed a way of keeping these safe while travelling (and using the StreetPass feature ^^) so when we last went to Tokyo we were determined to find some kawaii cases.

Pinkuiro Pixie found this kawaii case in Shinjuku.  It features Gachapin, a popular TV character on Fuji TV, and is a hard case for added protection - although it has a soft feel coating.  It also has a carabiner attached which is useful for attaching all sorts of kawaii accessories...

At the same store, I found a soft case featuring all sorts of creatures from the Dragon Quest game series, including the famous Slime which is massively popular in Japan.

This case fits our two chargers in perfectly, so we decided to use it for those... the search continued for a case for my 3DS!

When we visited the Pokemon Centre in Minato I found the perfect case for me...

It's an awesome Eevee themed hard case! Featuring all the different Eevee evolutions (except Sylveon, the newest as of X and Y) it is colourful, but still cool for a guy like me to carry around ^^

Despite the cases being really cool and kawaii, we couldn't leave it at that - we had to add a few more touches to make them our own!

Pinkurio Pixie chose to add charms featuring some of her favourite Pokemon - Sylveon (left), Pancham (middle) and Chespin (top).  She also added Cure Lovely from the series HappinessCharge PreCure! - Pinkurio Pixie loves magical girls! ^^

I chose a classic Pikachu (top) and two of my favourite Pokemon - Axew (bottom left) and Meowth (centre).  Meowth's strap also features a lucky coin - not sure it has helped me in any games yet though!  I also got a screen cleaner charm in a Gacha - I think it is from a Japanese puzzle game, but I'm not really sure ^^;

I'm sure we'll both add more charms to our cases soon! ^^

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