Friday, 6 June 2014

Keeping Cool and Kawaii!

A few weeks ago I blogged about the weather getting nicer and the summer coming. Well since that post the weather has been very changeable, with one day being lovely and warm and the next being rainy all day and me needing to put the heating on!

The weather is due to be nice over the weekend with warm, sunnier weather, so to get us all back in the Summer mood I thought I would do another summer post! ^^ When we visited Tokyo a few years ago we managed to catch the tail end of a VERY hot summer, so hot that our Japanese friend called it 'the bloody summer'. When we asked her why it was called that, she laughed and said 'because it was so bloody hot!'.

I was glad it was quite hot, not because I enjoy the heat but because I found out why I find so many Kawaii face cloths on sale! One way the Japanese keep cool on the go is to keep a damp face cloth on them so that they can freshen up while they are out and about. The face cloths are just another accessory with many being on sale for all sorts of styles. I obviously was drawn to the Kawaii ones!

The facecloth on the left is one I picked up in February, it's one that came part of the Minnie Mouse Sweets range I blogged about previously. The one on the right is one I bought from the Hello Kitty Gift Gate in Shinjuku. It is one that represents my birth day and horoscope, and has a lovely Hello Kitty design of her riding a broom to represent Halloween!

Again, the one on the left came as part of the Minnie Mouse Sweet range. The one on the right is one I picked up in Puroland and it displays a scene of Hello Kitty in Odaiba! I loved Odaiba, It shows the famous Ferris Wheel which you can spot while travelling there!

Fans are another way to keep cool in the summer and you can find all sorts of fans on sale. Below is a fan I was bought from the UK by a member of my family. It's of Hello Kitty riding an aeroplane and the propellers are the fan! This is super Kawaii!

The alternative fan I have is the more traditional fan you can see below. This is one I picked up in Harajuku on my first visit. It displays one of my favourite characters, Kuromi! She's wearing a crown and accompanied by jewels all over the design. I love using this fan, it's gotten lots of compliments and fits easily in my bag for quick access!

So, how do you keep cool in the summer? Do you prefer a fan or face cloth? or do you use both?!

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

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