Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Countdown Begins!

Well its' 80 days till Hyper Japan, which you would think is ages away, but it's creeping up very quickly! I've never been before and can't wait to go and meet other Kawaii lovers like me! My Mr and I will be attending for the whole weekend, and I'm starting to get slightly nervous as to what to wear as I'm hoping to meet up with Kawaii UK (the Facebook group). I've never met up with any other Kawaii lovers before and I can't wait to see all the awesome outfits everyone will be wearing!

I'm into Decora style which means lots and lots of accessories!!!! I have started looking through what accessories I have to establish some outfit ideas. This has given me a great excuse to look at what's new in the world of accessories and to try out some new sellers. I have a few things on the way and once they arrive I'll share them and their sellers with you.  One item I will definitely be taking with me is an awesome new Japanimation bag my Mr surprised me with today:

I think this is my new favourite bag and I think one of my favourite ranges from Sanrio!! It's my starting point for my outfits for Hyper Japan and I can't wait to start putting them together!
Will you be going to Hyper Japan?

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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