Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tamagotchi P's Special

One item that all Kawaiisters should own is a Tamagotchi.^^ They have been around since 1996 and since then millions have been sold across the globe. Tamagotchis are virtual pets which over the years have come in various shapes, sizes and series. They are small, normally egg shaped, hand held devices which have come to be an added kawaii accessory that can even be displayed round your neck on a kawaii lanyard.

While we were in Tokyo in February we came across a Japan only Tamagotchi called the Tamagotchi P's. They were released back in 2012 and have yet to be sold outside of Japan. The commercial for the P's shows you some of the graphics you can expect and features:


The Tamagotchi P's come with 24 new characters and is set in Dream Town. The device is the first of its kind to come with a slot that allows a detachable pin (Piece) to be inserted into it. The piece (which is the items at the top of the devices) allows access to special items, characters and areas depending on the feature of the piece. Having bought mine from Puroland I bought the Sanrio Piece, you can see this on the pink tamagotchi on the left. Mr bought a white tamagotchi and the Disney Piece. We left the opening of the P's till we got home as we didn't want any trouble carrying them on us through airport security.

When you first start the P you are greeted with an opening screen, then asked to insert basic information such as your date of birth, a name for your pet and the time and date. Once this has been updated you are given an egg!!!!

After a few minutes of you egg rolling around making cracking noises, your egg cracks open completely and you see what you have! You are given either a Pinkbotchi (girl)

 or a Aokumotchi (boy).

I received the Aokumotchiand named him <3 <3 <3 ^^. My Tama is above, and you can see that the top and bottom of the screen has changed as I have inserted my Sanrio Piece. This decorates the menu screen with Sanrio characters.

At this stage your pet will need lots of feeding and cleaning up after it, but it doesn't take long for it to reach the toddler stage. After around an hour or two, mine evolved into Mitsumarutchi

As with normal Tamas you can feed and wash your pet although the screens are much improved on the P's.

You can also take your pet out to places such as the park where they can meet other pets and undertake paid park warden work. 

To raise money you can visit the Tama Game Centre and play mini games that reward you with various values of money depending on how well you play the game. You can also visit the shop and buy various items for your home and for your pet to play with. I recently bought the sewing machine for my pet and he made a bag!

There are lots of items on offer for you to buy and I was lucky enough to find a voucher outside my pet's house which gives me 50% off all the items ^^. 

There are many places you can take your pet including day care (which comes in very handy when you work!) and you can even send them out to work (which again is handy when you work ^^). As I have the Sanrio Piece I can send my pet to Sanrio Land where they can be given items to make them look like Sanrio characters! When I get to this stage I will show you pics via Facebook and Twitter. ^^

Your pet can, once it's old enough, meet and date other characters within the game, and even have babies! Crazy!!

If you know anyone else that owns a P's you can connect the two P's and carry out tasks such as eating and playing together. Your pet also keeps a diary of what they have done, which includes a mini picture. As the game is completely in Japanese I am still working out what each option does, and as I progress with my pet I will send you updates via Facebook and Twitter. 

Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^

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