Saturday, 3 May 2014

Summer is coming ^-^

With the weather getting warmer and the sun getting brighter we popped into TK Maxx to check out their sun glasses as I was in need of some new kawaii ones. With such a large selection and with me being super picky about my glasses I didn't have high hopes.....but I was in luck! Not only did I find a pair, I found 2!!

I had never come across the Betsey Johnson range before but they instantly caught my attention! Most sun glasses on offer are either black, brown or have very little colourful detail. This pair caught my attention first as they were a nice rounded shape and had a nice pink animal print inspired detail.

Once I saw these I then went on a hunt for any other Betsey Johnson glasses I could find, and I was in luck. These have to be my favourites!

These are a pair of heart shaped sun glasses with a predominantly bright pink frame. On top of the frame is a skull and cross bones pattern which covers the outside of the frame. This was the only pair of this design I could find so I just had to get them before someone else did! I can see them becoming a favourite for many summers to come!

After being so successful on the sun glasses front I took my chances with the shoes. After fighting my way through the swathes of women who stalk the shoe shelves I found the most Kawaii pair of flip flops ever!

They are an adorable pastel pink with light blue/turquoise straps. The pattern on the straps is alternating pink and blue hearts with three larger pink hearts detailing on each side. They are from the Pineapple brand and are super Kawaii! They will look awesome on the beach during my summer hols ^^

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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