Saturday, 10 May 2014

Seller Review - YY Kawaii

After waiting very patiently my new phone case has arrived, and it was seriously worth the wait! While scouring Etsy for new Kawaii sellers I came across YY Kawaii, a seller who makes handmade decoden phone cases and accessories. The first bonus to YY Kawaii is the options to have a case for older Iphones such as the 4s which I currently have. With Japan being such a fast moving technological society, we found it incredibly hard to find new cases when we last visited Tokyo. We did find a case each in the end but I have to admit, my Hello Kitty chocolate bar case is no where near as Kawaii as what has just arrived!

Being a fan of Hatsune Miku, when I came across a phone case decorated with a miniature of her I just had to place an order! Following some communications with the seller (who is extremely helpful and friendly) I placed an order for a Miku iphone 4s case. The seller needed to order in the miniature for my case so all in my order arrived after three weeks. This I was completely happy with as the timescales were communicated to me throughout the entire ordering process. The seller contacted me when they received the miniature and sent me a pic via Etsy of the newly created case. I am hugely impressed with what I have been sent!

In the package was a small pack of love hearts (which I love), a business card with contact details, an instruction sheet outlining how to care for my case, and wrapped up extremely well in bubble wrap, my case.

The case is decorated with the colours I requested using items which were shown to me when I placed the order. The decoden is on a clear iphone 4s case and is extremely substantial. I can't explain how much I love it <3

Here is a close up of the case in all its glory! Hatsune Miku is super Kawaii and surrounded by cute candy! To show you how substantial the case is I have taken a side shot of it:

Being such a large case I wont fit this into my pocket which just gives me an excuse to carry it in a Kawaii bag! This will also help look after it ^^

Overall I am one extremely impressed and happy customer who will definitely be returning for more! The seller is extremely friendly and helpful and communicates throughout the process. Highly recommended by me!

Catch you later Kawaiisters ^^

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