Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sega Prizes - Monstahh!

I am no longer surprised as to where you can find Kawaii hiding on the high street as I have found so many gems there. While I was away a few weekends ago we did a spot of shopping and popped into The Works, which is predominantly a book shop but we have learnt to always give it a check as you never know what toys will be on offer!

On this trip we were rewarded with a full set of Sega Prizes which were only £3.99 each! Luckily most people dismiss the toys and we were left with a basket full to pick from. After a rummage around we managed to get one of each of the toys.

The prizes are actually current prizes that Sega have out and are called Monstahh! They are adorable plushes that are really soft and ultra detailed, and for £3.99 each, a bargain! You can find the range on the Sega website and if you hurry, get your hands on them by ordering online! or you can try your luck with The Works!

Happy Plush Hunting ^^

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