Saturday, 24 May 2014

Saturday is Parcel Day!!! ^^

Last Saturday I blogged about Saturday being parcel day in that it's the day we go and pick up any parcels the Post Office is holding for us and today is Saturday!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! <3

I only had one parcel waiting for me this week but it's one I have been looking forward to ALL week! While catching up on Twitter on Sunday I spotted a tweet from Artbox, they have an online store offering all sorts of Kawaii, but what caught my attention with this tweet was the mention of TOKIDOKI! I <3 Tokidoki so much and have blogged about various items I have managed to get my hands on before. So when I saw this tweet I just had to check it out.

Artbox were selling 4 awesome Tokidoki X Sanrio Character watches, all of which are super Kawaii!! And having a quick look at them, and knowing how quickly they might disappear from the site, I made an impulse buy and bought all 4!

To be honest they were a complete bargain at only £29.99 each and offered free UK shipping! Each watch is different and features a mixture of Sanrio and Tokidoki characters.

This watch is set on a blue strap and features Hello Kitty as a Moofia, Bad Badtz Maru, PomPom Purin, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, Adios and Caio Caio to name just a few.

This watch is set on white strap and features My Melody and Cinnamaroll riding Unicornos, Hello Kitty as various Tokidoki characters, Bad Badtz Maru, Kerroppi and Little Twin Stars. It also features a more obscure Sanrio Character called Hangyodon as Donutella with a Taiyaki twist!


This watch is set on a black strap and has a darker theme compared to the first two watches. This features Kuromi (<3), Tuxedo Sam, Little Twin Stars and Savana from the Tokidoki Royal Pride Collection dressed as My Melody. This would be super Kawaii for a dark Kawaii Kawaiister!

And last but definitely my favourite, is this one!

This watch is set on a pink watch and features my favourite Tokidoki Character, Unicorno!!!!!! <3 The top of the watch features Hello Kitty dressed as a Cactus Friend riding a rainbow Unicorno. Just below the watch face Cinnamonroll is riding a pink themed Unicorno. At the bottom of the strap is Hangyodon dressed as a Moofia riding a blue themed Unicorno. The centre of the watch face is a Unicorno Merry-Go-Round surrounded by various Tokidoko and Sanrio Characters! This is a super Kawaii watch and definitely my favourite! 

On a whole, my ordering experience with Artbox was an extremely successful one! They sell a huge range of Kawaii items from lots of ranges such as Care Bears, Domo, Kidrobot and the Powerpuff Girls. The ordering process was super smooth and the items arrived very well wrapped and on time. I highly recommend them based on my first experience and can see this being the first of many orders to come!

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

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