Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Punky Pins - New Arrivals!! ^^

Last week I did a review of an awesome shop called Punky Pins. While I was writing my post I checked out their online store and found a few gems I couldn't resist, especially as some of them were in a sale! After clicking publish on last weeks review I submitted an order and it arrived today!! Super speedy and in a jiffy bag!

The first item I bought was a kawaii Kokeshi Love Necklace! It's super cute and is even better in the flesh! This was an awesome bargain being only £4.25 in their sale! The chain is slightly chunky  which I love and the pendants are of a very good quality!

The second item I purchased was a Kokeshi Love Bracelet ^^. It differs slightly from the necklace in that the pendants are pink and the necklace is red. It shows a super Kawaii Kokeshi doll and love symbols in hearts. This again is a really good quality piece, and at £5.50 it's another bargain!

The last item I just couldn't resist was a Harajuku mixed charm bracelet! It has an assortment of Kawaii items as charms including Kokeshi Dolls, Maneki Nekos, and Rainbow Clouds.

This is an awesome piece, very high quality and again, on a chunky chain. It's brightly coloured and surprisingly light to wear. I cannot wait to debut this one! This item wasn't in the sale, but was still only £11.00!!! Even being full priced this is a super Kawaii bargain!

Punky Pins still have their sale on so if you love these pieces swing by and grab some before they all disappear!!

Catch you later Kawaiisters! ^^

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