Saturday, 17 May 2014

Parcels and Presents! ^^

I love Saturdays, firstly because it's the weekend but more excitingly because it's the day my Mr visits the Post Office to pick up any parcels we have! (and there is always something waiting for us!) We are avid internet shoppers as well as frequent visitors to Birmingham City Centre for shopping ^^. Today I got a mixture of parcels and presents! I LOVE PRESENTS! <3 So I decided to do a quick post on what I picked up in Brum last week and what arrived today.

The first item in the top right hand corner of the pic above is a present to myself ^^ a lovely new Kawaii Tokidoki shopping bag! It's a small hand shopper that is part of the Tokidoki X Sanrio Characters range I have blogged about before. It's a cute little bag that I can fit everything I need for a shopping trip, my phone, keys, purse, tamagotchi and perfume. (I always carry a perfume on me ^^).

I got the Tokidoki bag on eBay for a bargain £30 including shipping all the way from Tokyo, Japan. It came super quick and very well packaged so that seller will be getting positive feedback!!

The next item on the pic is a few bits I picked up in H&M. I always check out H&M as from working there in the past I know what gems can turn up in the deliveries! Especially in kidswear! I got the My Little Pony hair clips from the little girls section as they were lovely colours and featured a pony on each one ^^ I thought they may come in handy as part of an outfit for Hyper Japan! I also picked up some colourful springy wrist bands in a range of colours! As well as wearing them on my wrist I thought they may look cool as hair bands over my hair buns! The wrist bands were £1.99 for a set of 4 and the hair clips were also £1.99, bargains!

As you can see at the bottom corner of the pic above, I had some awesome presents arrive for me today too! Mr surprised me with two presents!

The first present was a bag full of teeny tiny hair bows! THEY ARE SUPER KAWAII  ^^. They are all really well made and they cover a huge range of colours so will go with all sorts of outfits I have. Mr found them being sold in bundles on eBay and thought I could incorporate them into some outfits at Hyper Japan, great minds think alike!! I can't wait to start matching them up with various looks!

The second present was a Pink Head necklace by Tarina Tarantino. I blogged about this range a few weeks ago and whilst I was typing up the post Mr was checking out the website. He sneakily purchased a necklace whilst I was typing away and I love it! It's a Gothic Lolita Hello Kitty Pink Head and is adorable, it comes on a lovely chunky silver chain detailed with a few sparkly beads. I think I will save this for our Anniversary date in July! <3

I took a few pics of some other bits I came across while out shopping in Brum that I thought were cute and worth sharing.

Paperchase in Selfridges had a rather large range of Kawaii erasers in all shapes and sizes! All Japanese made and very cute! I use erasers like these at work to help keep my desk Kawaii!

Jelly shoes!! By a brand called JuJu were on display in Footasylum. I quite like nipping into Footasylum as they can have the odd item, they aren't always there but when they are they are worth grabbing. These are Jelly shoes that I remember from my childhood that appear to be making a comeback! an awesome way to stay Kawaii in the sun and on the beach! ^^

This caught my eye because of the way it had been packaged for display! It's a pack of 30 kids hair bands, a very imaginative way to display I thought. The last pic is of some colourful Kawaii hair bobbles, I love hair bobbles and these are some really nice vibrant ones that were in the ladies accessories in H&M.

I'll keep my eye out for anything else I spot next time I visit Brum so you may want to keep an eye on my Facebook page or Twitter as I do post updates there of things I come across! You don't want to miss any!

As it's a beautiful day here I'm off to enjoy the sun!
Catch you later Kawaiisters!! ^^


Pastel~Ophelia said...

A super cute blog post! <3

it looks like you got a super kawaii haul~ <3 :')

Pinkuiro Pixie said...

Thank you for popping by my blog and commenting! ^^

I'm a very lucky woman with a Mr that loves Kawaii too!

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